Magazine / Working Show Truck of the Month

  • ​C.D. Davenport Trucking./Ryan Yagodzinski

    Robert Conrad
    December 2019
    As kids growing up it's probably safe to say that we've all played hooky from school at least one or twice in our lives. Ryan Yagodzinski may or may not have played hooky a couple of times during his school days, but one thing's for sure, he definite...
  • Aaron Walters

    Robert Conrad
    November 2019
    Aaron Walters calls his newest truck "Blue Moon", but the only thing blue about his 2019 Peterbilt 389 glider is the color. This is one heavy hauler that's as hot as the midday sun, thanks to an endless list of custom features that Aaron incorporated...
  • ​Mark Hayes/Hayes Trucking

    Robert Conrad
    October 2019
    Mark Hayes is the proud owner of this red hot 2003 Peterbilt 379. Since purchasing the truck, Mark has done quite a bit of polishing and has added a few of his own custom touches to it. He wanted to dedicate this feature to the memory of Stephen D. M...
  • ​John Dixon

    Robert Conrad
    September 2019
    There's something about the classic styling of the Peterbilt 359 that sets it apart in any crowd. Peterbilt Motors definitely hit a home run with this iconic model that inspires custom truck builders even today. Massachusetts native John Dixon came a...
  • ​Ron Francis, Jr.

    Robert Conrad
    August 2019
    There's something about a black truck decked out in just the right amount of chrome & stainless that's hard to beat! Ron Francis, Jr., is the proud owner of this handsome 2015 Peterbilt 389 that fits that description to a tee. Ron's black beauty star...
  • "Ferreiras Towing"

    Robert Conrad
    July 2019
    Ferreira's Towing has built a reputation in New England as one of the best local towing companies with their commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. Their fleet of trucks can handle all types of towing and recovery situations and eac...
  • |

    Robert Conrad
    June 2019
    Luke Didden started grabbing gears at age 18 and he hasn't looked back, sitting in his rolling office as he heads out onto the interstate every day. He purchased a 1988 IH 9670 cabover at age 21, and his current ride is another classic "cornbinder". ...
  • Luke Didden

    Robert Conrad
    June 2019
    Luke Didden started grabbing gears at age 18 and he hasn't looked back, sitting in his rolling office as he heads out onto the interstate every day. He purchased a 1988 IH 9670 cabover at age 21, and his current ride is another classic "cornbinder". ...
  • ​Bryan Levernier Aka "Foxfire Cummins"

    Robert Conrad
    May 2019
    In his 68 years, Bryan Levernier (aka "Foxfire Cummins") has certainly done a lot a living and also done a lot of trucking. His truck driving career began in 1969, and 50 years later, he's still going strong - along with his very special Peterbilt th...
  • "​Jim & Dan Plunske/Plunskes Garage"

    Robert Conrad
    April 2019
    Plunske's Garage is located in the town of Wallingford, CT and it's the home to what is undoubtedly the coolest collection of classic tow trucks on the planet! Jim and Dan Plunske have taken over the business that their father, Wayne T. Plunske, star...
  • ​Kaleb Hammett - Hammett Excavation

    Robert Conrad
    March 2019
    Kaleb Hammett may only be 21, but he grew up around equipment & trucks and fell in love with them as a young boy. His grandfather Harry Hammett started Hammett Excavation in 1963, and his dad, Gaylon presently runs the office and the excavation side ...
  • "​Anthony Marchetti Jr./ Angelos Petroleum"

    Robert Conrad
    February 2019
    Anthony Marchetti Jr. has always had a passion for trucks and pretty much anything with an engine. He's been involved in the family business, Angelo's Petroleum, ever since he was a young boy. He says that the business was a perfect fit for his wonde...
  • ​Matt Benusches

    Robert Conrad
    January 2019
    There are great looking trucks in just about every part of the country, and it seems like the quality of working show trucks has grown thru the years with their owners raising the bar even higher when it comes to customizing. Every once in a while...
  • ​Arien Ruell

    Robert Conrad
    December 2018
    Donegal, PA native Arien Ruell definitely has diesel running thru his veins and he certainly takes a great deal of pride in representing the trucking industry with class in his 1993 Peterbilt 379, a truck that looks nothing like it did when Arien bro...
  • ​Angel Aldrich / Aldrich Auto Body

    Robert Conrad
    November 2018
    Some of our avid Movin' Out readers just might remember our feature on Angel Aldrich and his outstanding Peterbilt wrecker from quite a few years back. Well it seemed only natural to do this follow up, a "Part 2" of sorts, since Angel and his crew ...
  • Lewis Transfer, LLC /Jackie & Tammey Lewis

    Robert Conrad
    October 2018
    With a 312" wheelbase that's decked out from front to back and hooked to 53' of stainless & red that's tricked out to match, this combo owned by Jackie & Tammey Lewis is one of the coolest around! Jackie and Tammey operate Lewis Transfer, LLC based ...
  • Wayne Ellis Jr.

    Robert Conrad
    September 2018
    Gladstone, VA native Wayne Ellis, Jr. may only be 23, but he's grown up around trucks and got his first ride in a semi with his father. Wayne Ellis Sr. had an International 9370 model and used to take Wayne Jr. with him when he went trucking. After...
  • Timothy Mathis - M. Transport Inc.

    Robert Conrad
    August 2018
    Trucking is one career that's handed down from generation to generation in many families. The Mathis family is a prime example, as Timothy Mathis has followed his father, several uncles, and cousins who have chosen trucking as their career. Tim has...
  • ​Randy Dusza / Foster Hill Transport, LLC

    Robert Conrad
    July 2018
    When Randy Dusza went to his uncle's garage in West Warren, MA in 1976 to sit in the "Big Trucks" and check them out, he knew that he wanted to have his own trucks someday when he grew up. Well, Randy turned his fascination into a career, starting ...
  • Brian Sargent

    Robert Conrad
    June 2018
    Brian Sargent grew up in commercial fishing and probably thought he'd own his own fleet of fishing boats one day. While this might still become a reality, Brian shifted gears along the way and got into trucking. Today he owns Straight Line Transporta...