Jake Stewart

Robert Conrad
February 2021

Jake Stewart is a member of the new school of truckers, but he certainly exemplifies old school trucking, with a strong work ethic and pride in his ride that his predecessors had before him. 

Out on the open road, sitting in the driver's seat of his slick '97 Peterbilt 379 feels like a second home to Jake Stewart, a young man chasing his dreams of being a trucker and owning his own truck. This young man is living proof that with hard work and determination, dreams do come true. He wanted to send a big thanks out to his boss's Shawn, Sheldon, and Shirley for giving him the chance to live out his dreams and drive this hot looking Peterbilt down the road. Power comes from a 3406E that's pushing out over 700 HP and is paired up with a set of 3:36 rears and a 13 speed.

The classic Peterbilt lines are all that's needed as a simple, clean look gets Jake plenty of looks out on the road. Custom features include a square bumper up front, straight pipes and custom fenders, with extra roof lights filling out the top of the cab. Jake wanted to give a big thank you to Kloppy's  Custom Painting for painting the hood, front fenders, and the rear fenders as well. The 280" wheelbase seems longer, especially when Jake drops the truck onto the ground with the front air ride system by Horst. The small "shack" on the back gives the truck some old school style and gives Jake just enough room to stretch his legs.

Jake put in a lot of hours working on a local farm and he wanted to send a big thank you out to his former employers, Loretta & DJ. From the grass fields of the farm, to the paved lanes of the highway he now drives on, Jake Stewart is always working hard and making sure this '97 is shining bright!