Racz's Towing - Driver - Tomas (Tom) Sanchez, Jr.

Robert Conrad
April 2021

Racz's Towing Co. has been "towing the line since '39" and their NJ-based fleet has always been a familiar sight with their signature bright yellow trucks. This 2002 Peterbilt is driven by Tomas Sanchez Jr. whose father, Tomas Sanchez Sr., was also a truck driver. Tom says he basically grew up on the road with his dad and he has a ton of great memories from trucking with him before he passed away in August of 2020.

Tom treats this company truck like it was his own, always laying down a coat of polish to make sure it's shining! The truck features custom headlights, a Texas bumper, chrome accessories inside & out, and a custom 35 ton wrecker unit sits behind the cab. Even the storage compartments on the wrecker body are spotless inside, as Tom keeps everything organized so he knows where it is when he goes on the road.

Power to tow just about anything comes from the 425 CAT engine that's paired with a 13 speed transmission. Tom wanted to say thanks to Tom Rhodes, Colby Caliva, and polisher Billy Blavackas for all of their help. He says his kids are the reason he's always pushing forward and striving to be the best father and role model he can be. Thru it all, his beautiful girlfriend Noemi Thompson is by his side helping him enjoy the ride!

Tom takes a great deal of pride in his profession, practicing the old school ethics that his father taught him. Tom wanted to dedicate his selection for Working Show Truck of the Month to the memory of his father, Tomas Sanchez Sr. One thing's for sure, Tom's "pride in his ride" shows every time he leaves for a tow or recovery with his truck shining bright!