Scott Shaw - Scott Shaw Trucking

Robert Conrad
May 2021

Running a truck that is always working and keeping it looking show ready is no easy task, especially if you live in Maine and run the Northeast where the Winter months are always rough.  Owner Scott Shaw definitely gets the job done and this 2002 Peterbilt 379 is about as sexy as they come with its sleek "less is more" look!

Scott Shaw is the original owner and he ordered it in grey with black fenders and a matching roof. It had a 63" bunk when he got it, but Scott gave it a major makeover in 2018, painting it white with a deep red frame and changing the sleeper to a 48". The roof of the cab has been completely "smoothed out" by stripping all of the marker lights & air horns off of it.

Up front there's a custom grille and a Valley Chrome blind mount bumper, and along with the set of 8" Lincoln Chrome flat top straight pipes, that's basically all of the chrome on the entire truck. It works perfectly with the painted 12 Gauge Customs drop visor, Bad Ass Customs rear fenders, and lower cab & sleeper panels. The stainless step boxes from Aranda are wrapped in white vinyl along with the mirror backs.

Scott says he has installed all of the accessories himself; he performs all of the maintenance on the truck, and even does a bit of "fab" work when he's feeling ambitious. In fact, he made the deck plate and reconfigured the airlines to the rear of the frame. He also added Roadworks stainless hub covers & Lifetime Nut Covers chrome nut covers all around. Inside his "office" you'll find a number of custom Rockwood pieces, a Twisted Shifterz shift knob, and Tel Tek digital gauges with LED lights on the dash.

Scott has operated Scott Shaw Trucking since 1994 and you'd never know this white beauty makes 2 trips a week from Maine to New York city and has over 2 million miles on it! One thing's for sure, Scott Shaw's white Peterbilt is red hot and it always gets a second look!