Tasha Trucking - Owners: Hurst & Cheryl Tasha/Driver: Chris Shaw

Robert Conrad
December 2020

There are countless sights to see down on Cape Cod Massachusetts with rock jetties leading into the ocean, picturesque beaches, and several lighthouses and historic locations such as Plymouth Plantation. If you vacation on Cape Cod you just might see another sight or two that will definitely make you look twice, any one of the Tasha Trucking fleet of incredible working show trucks. These are true working trucks, going year round, especially in the harsh New England Winters when they are the busiest!

Founded by the late Michael Tasha, the Tasha Trucking fleet pretty much defines the word class, as each truck seemingly never looks anything less than perfect no matter what season it is! Mike's son Hurst Tasha and his wife Cheryl have taken over the reins of the company with the trucks delivering gas, oil, and propane all over the Cape, the islands, and beyond.

They also do heavy haul transport on occasion, and this 2003 Peterbilt 379 was originally a four axle lowbed heavy hauler before undergoing a complete makeover in 2017. Today, Truck 58, is a stunning combination of gleaming black metal flake paint with some amazing "New England" pin striping. Chris Shaw is the primary driver of the truck, pulling a 2012 Mississippi propane tanker.

The truck and trailer were both painted by Merv's truck Painting in PA, and Cape Cod's own pin striping legend, Karen Souza of Cranberry Signcraft, laid down the "lines"! Chris wanted to thank Hurst Tasha for his support and sharing of ideas when the two of them teamed up to build this incredible "dream truck" as Chris calls it. He also credits Ed Costa for his expertise and the unlimited time & effort he put into the truck. Talladega fenders were installed over the rears and custom flush deck plates were fabricated by Josh Clancy from Clancy Welding. There's also a custom grille, classic double round headlights with visors, custom battery boxes, and a painted drop visor. Clear LED's are found on the entire truck, letting Chris put on his own rolling light show every time the sun fades! The inside looks as good as the outside, thanks to custom gauges, a painted floor with pin striping, and a number of polished items. Power for this polished propane hauler comes from a 550 CAT MBN and the 7" Dynaflex straights give it that "straight pipe roar" when Chris shifts thru the 18 speeds!

Chris Shaw certainly puts a ton of effort into keeping this "company truck" looking show ready every time it leaves the yard, and he wanted to thank the Tasha family for the opportunity to drive such a top notch ride. Chris also sends his love & thanks out to his wife Mikaela and his daughters, Ryleigh & Brianna, for all of their love and support. Tasha Trucking, Chris Shaw, and this stunning combo are definitely a winning team that sets the bar high!