Magazine / Working Show Truck of the Month

  • Ben Schultze

    Robert Conrad
    May 2024
    It's hard to believe that Ben Schultze's K-Dub is over 20 years old, but it has plenty of "Midwest Cool" from the front bumper to the tail lights on the 305" wheelbase! Ben gave the truck a complete facelift after he purchased it in 2020. He bought t...
  • Josh Bates

    Robert Conrad
    April 2024
    Josh Bates is the owner of Triple J Transfer, a  Maryland based trucking company that he started in 2010 at age 21. With none of his family members having any background in the trucking industry, Josh started from scratch, learning both the mechanic...
  • Keanu Black - "High Dollar"

    Robert Conrad
    March 2024
    This 1986 Peterbilt is the pride and joy of Keanu Black, a self-proclaimed "truck fanatic" who says he's loved trucks for over 28 years, and he's been trucking legally for about 4 years now. Keanu is a 3rd generation trucker, following in his father ...
  • Raiko Graveran

    Robert Conrad
    February 2024
    You probably won't find too many 1995 Freightliner FLD-120s still out earning their keep, but "Little Blue" is one fine '95 that always gets plenty of thumbs up for owner Raiko Graveran. Raiko says he has loved trucks since he was a little boy and hi...
  • John LaRochelle/J.A. LaRochelle Trucking, LLC

    Robert Conrad
    January 2024
    We are kicking off 2024 in style with a hard working driver who keeps his truck looking "right" all year round in New England. John LaRochelle was born into a "trucking family" with his father Jack becoming an owner-operator in the 1970's and truckin...
  • Earl Chapman/Pimco Transportation, LLC

    Robert Conrad
    December 2023
    his fine 359 Peterbilt brings us into the month of December looking like a silver Christmas ornament on top of Santa's red sleigh and it's the pride and joy of Earl Chapman! Earl says he got into trucking in 1992 and with plenty of hard work & lo...
  • Justin Martins – RSK Enterprises

    Robert Conrad
    November 2023
    Dump truck work in New England is very competitive and Justin Martins tries to stay one step ahead of the competition. This Rhode Island native says he got into trucking at a young age, going to work with his father on Saturdays when he wasn't in sch...
  • Randy Brown

    Robert Conrad
    October 2023
    Summer is in the rear view mirror and fall is taking over the wheel, as we'll soon be looking at a kaleidoscope of colors. Randy Brown's classic dump truck certainly has a fall vibe to it, and he has always driven a cool, classic ride - this tri-axle...
  • Rich Beaupre

    Robert Conrad
    September 2023
    Rich Beaupre trucks out of Canada and he's owned several cool rides during his trucking career. His latest ride is this red hot 2019 KW W-900L and it's definitely a "looker" The 275" wheelbase is just long enough and the custom air ride up front was ...
  • Jay Palachuk

    Robert Conrad
    August 2023
    The idea that "less is more" definitely works for Jay Palachuk and you can see that by taking one look at his stunning 1996 Kenworth W-900. He began his trucking career with Pacific Midwestern Express, after his sister's boyfriend taught him how to ...
  • Tracey Rieks – Owner/Wade Beck -Driver/T.L. Rieks

    Robert Conrad
    June 2023
    This classy 2016 KW W-900 & 2017 Great Dane 54" Super Seal reefer combo belongs to Tracey Rieks, and he knew just who to have build his latest ride, J Ferrell Customs Trucks based in Gap, PA. Jimmy Ferrell, owner of J Ferrell Custom Trucks, defin...
  • Jeffrey Henry/ J&D Henry

    Robert Conrad
    June 2023
    For Jeffrey Henry, trucking & potato hauling run hand in hand and he's the 3rd generation potato hauler in the Henry family, proudly following in the footsteps of his father and his grandfather. His grandfather celebrated his 82nd birthday but he...
  • Bill's Service, LLC/Keith Stadler, Jr.

    Robert Conrad
    May 2023
    Bill's Service of Stamford is a family owned towing business that began in 1975, and their bright red wreckers with custom paint schemes have been a staple in the CT and NY area for generations. In 2018, Bill's Service family member James Parker star...
  • Quentin Green - Gregory Green - Green & Sons, LLC

    Robert Conrad
    March 2023
    Family is very important to Quentin Green, and Green & Sons, LLC always treats their customers like family - offering top notch service on small jobs as well as big projects. They are  based in Litchfield, CT, and are a family owned and operated...
  • Chip's Auto Transport/Kevin Wallace Jr.

    Robert Conrad
    February 2023
    When it was established in 1971, Chip's Auto Transport focused on repair work and towing for MA State & local police. Their original location was in Needham, MA, but they eventually switched gears from towing to transporting vehicles nationwide. ...
  • Mark Clowater

    Robert Conrad
    January 2023
    Just because a truck is up there in years doesn't mean it can't run right alongside the trucks of today, and this classic Freightshaker is living proof! Mark Clowater has his roots in New Brunswick, Canada, having grown up there. In 1987 he started d...
  • Brent Miller - Snyder's Crop Service

    Robert Conrad
    December 2022
    Brent Miller steers this 2000 Peterbilt for Snyder's Crop Service based in Mt. Joy, PA. The truck definitely has plenty of "717 style" following a complete rebuild that Brent's boss, Ed Snyder, let him do. Brent put on new frame rails, which were bla...
  • Pedro Cantu

    Robert Conrad
    November 2022
    Packing up your belongings and relocating to another neighborhood, town, or state is never an easy task but most people do it at least once in their lifetime. If the move is long distance and you have a lot to bring with you, it's best to call a prof...
  • Rick Frates / Rick Frates Transportation

    Robert Conrad
    October 2022
    As another Summer comes to an end, fall is right around the corner here on the East Coast, and the trees will soon be a kaleidoscope of reds, yellows, and oranges. This 1982 Peterbilt 359 EXHD is brighter than the fall leaves & is owned by Rick F...
  • Brandon Bier

    Robert Conrad
    September 2022
    When Brandon Bier was a young boy, he was always fascinated by big trucks like the one his dad drove. He knew that he wanted to become a trucker just like his dad and he's been able to make that dream a reality! Brandon's dad bought this classic 1984...