Dave Mitchell

Robert Conrad
July 2021

Dave Mitchell calls his '95 Western Star Annabelle, and he purchased her back in May of 2003. He says that he's trucked with Annabelle in all 48 states, logging almost 2 million miles. Typical loads are machinery, construction equipment, vehicles, and anything else that "keeps his coffee cup filled!"

Annabelle pulls a stepdeck for West Motor Freight's agent in Thomasville, PA. Dave says he's pulled flatbeds and stepdecks the entire time he's owned the truck. Power comes from a 3406-C mechanical engine that's paired up with a 15 over transmission and a set of 3:70 rears. The truck has an old school look with the white mudflaps and blue stars accenting the white base color. Annabelle was given a frame off restoration back in 2016, giving this "old girl" new life! The truck features a clean, simple look with a polished bumper & bug shield up front, a set of straights, and custom boxes behind the fuel tanks. The headache rack behind the factory sleeper is painted to match the truck and trimmed with round lights.

Nobody in Dave's family was ever in the trucking industry but he says he's been a "truck nut" ever since he was born. He actually started driving right out of high school, and got into the refuse business at age 19, doing that for 12 years.  His flatbed career didn't begin until 2000 when he started his first trailer job for Halvor Lines out of MN. After 3 years there, Dave moved over to JRC, and then to Jones Motor where he met Tami Gallagher. She was an up-and-coming agent and eventually her and Dave got married. They both went to West Motor Freight 8 years ago and have been together ever since.

Dave is keeping the old school values of trucking alive today, and says he hopes to retire driving his classic Western Star someday. He sends a big thank you out to Jim & Becky Moffitt for teaching him to run things like a business, and all of the other people who've helped him along the way. Most importantly, he thanks Tami Gallagher, for being a great wife and agent. He says she has helped him succeed and stay focused. Dave Mitchell and his "95 Western Star are both shining bright as our July Working Show Truck of the Month recipients.