Magazine / Working Show Truck of the Month

  • ​Robert Barnette

    Robert Conrad
    May 2018
    Robert Barnette is a Lake City, FL native and has been in the trucking industry for over 36 years, including the last 18 as a driver. He has been an owner-operator for the past 5 years and his truck is one of the coolest International ProStars on th...
  • ​Kris Bair

    Robert Conrad
    April 2018
    Growing up around trucks as a young boy gave Kris Bair visions of driving his own truck and he got to make quite a few road trips with his dad when he was just a young boy. Kris wound up getting his CDL at the age of 18 and drove locally in the PA ...
  • Gene Petrosky

    Robert Conrad
    March 2018
    Gene Petrosky definitely personifies "old school trucking" in today's trucking world that continues to move towards aerodynamics and new technology. He has a couple of old Kenworths that look like they came right out of an old KW advertisement from ...
  • Tom Anzalone

    Robert Conrad
    February 2018
    The old saying is that "Chrome don't get you home", but it sure makes you look good rolling down the road trying to get there! Tom Anzalone, who owns and operates Massachusetts based Anzalone Transport, Inc., certainly has a bit of a chrome addictio...
  • James "Tatt2" DeSimone & Maragliano Trucking

    Robert Conrad
    January 2018
    As we head into 2018, another holiday season is in the rear view mirror and Santa Claus has made his deliveries for another Christmas! If Santa was delivering presents to all of the good boys and girls in a truck of his choice, he just might choose...
  • Michel "Banana" Racette/Transport South Bec Express

    Robert Conrad
    December 2017
    Our neighbors to the north in the great country of Canada take trucking very seriously and have a great deal of pride in their equipment. This can be seen in the fantastic owner-operator rigs as well as the company trucks that come across the border...
  • Ryan Rissler

    Robert Conrad
    November 2017
    Young boys are usually influenced by their fathers and quite often tend to follow in their father's footsteps as far as their careers go. This is especially true for boys whose fathers are truck drivers. Ryan Rissler is no exception, as in his own ...
  • Mike Gaffin/ A. Cardillo & Sons, Inc

    Robert Conrad
    October 2017
    Life as a long haul truck driver certainly comes with it pluses and minuses, as the freedom of being your own boss out on the road is mixed with long periods of time away from home. As truckers start having families, some tough career decisions can ...
  • Chad Cooper

    Robert Conrad
    September 2017
    Running 650 miles a night between Piqua and Fairfield, Ohio certainly doesn't leave much time for anything but some sleep and getting ready for the next delivery. Chad Cooper would somehow find time to make changes to his 1996 Peterbilt 379 Extended...
  • Weakland Wreckers

    Robert Conrad
    August 2017
    This month's Working Show Truck is the perfect combination of beauty and power, and it's definitely a truck you can count on if you’re stranded or in distress- either on or off of the interstate. This 2014 Peterbilt tri-axle wrecker is the pride o...
  • Matt Riggle/Paul Riggle & Sons

    Robert Conrad
    July 2017
    This month we find ourselves in the midst of another summer season and this is the time of the year to make sure your truck is looking its best before hitting the highway. The PA -based company of our featured Working Show Truck this month has been ...
  • Kuhnle Bros./Brad Sweet

    Robert Conrad
    June 2017
    "How Sweet It Is" was the popular catchphrase of comedian/actor Jackie Gleason during his long career. If Jackie had gotten to see our June Working Show Truck, he most certainly would have uttered his famous line to describe just how awesome this 2...
  • Monika Herrington/Jr Judson Horse Transportation

    Robert Conrad
    May 2017
    All of us travel down many different roads in our lives and, for many of us, the career path we choose to follow isn't always the one we stick with for the entire journey. Monika Herrington is living proof of this. She has worked and been involved...
  • ​Josh Spiegel/Rolane Transportation

    Robert Conrad
    April 2017
    "The Pride of the Fleet" is what Josh Spiegel calls his immaculate, grey & black 2000 Kenworth W-900L. Josh runs Rolane Transportation, based in Brockton, MA, along with his father Neal Spiegel who owns the company. Rolane Transportation is a conta...
  • Jonathan Mills

    Robert Conrad
    March 2017
    Jonathan Mills said he remembers riding in trucks, when he was just a little boy, with his dad and his granddad. His passion for trucks and trucking began at an early age thanks to these trips with his dad and his granddad, and he's turned it into a...
  • Jeff Salce

    Robert Conrad
    February 2017
    No matter where you're at out on the highway, when a little red sports car passes you it always seems to make you look. Whether it’s a Corvette, Mustang, or Camaro, it will definitely make heads turn. Jeff Salce's Peterbilt has the same affect o...
  • Hobie Fisher/Dutch Transport

    Robert Conrad
    January 2017
    This month we begin another new year with a new President-elect, and a long list of promises and changes that we'll have to wait on to see if they come to fruition. One thing that hasn't changed with the dawn of 2017 is Hobie Fisher's passion for tr...
  • Tom Bush

    Robert Conrad
    December 2016
    As we bring 2016 to a close, a new President will soon take over the White House and, hopefully, be able to make good on his promise of bringing jobs back to America. More American-made products will mean more freight to deliver, so the trucking in...
  • Jimmy "Catman" Cattoggio

    Robert Conrad
    November 2016
    Jimmy "Catman" Cattoggio has been around trucks almost his entire life and probably has a mixture of blood and diesel fuel running thru his veins thanks to all of his years behind the wheel. Jimmy's dad taught him how to drive trucks in the 1960s an...
  • ​ Wayne And Deborah Carney

    Robert Conrad
    October 2016
    Wayne and Deborah Carney have logged a lot of miles and delivered quite a few specialized flatbed loads with their incredible 2016 KW T-800 and 2015 Reitnouer flatbed combo. They work for Landstar and their stunning, blue KW is equipped with all of...