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  • ​Working Show Truck Of The Month - Joe Leopardi

    Robert Conrad
    July 2016
    Most truck drivers will tell you that once they get behind the wheel and make a few hauls, the freedom of the open road and being your own boss gets in your blood. When you combine this with a passion for trucks and heavy machinery, a career in truc...
  • ​Working Show Truck Of The Month - Jose A. Ortega/Ortega Trucking

    Robert Conrad
    June 2016
    Kenworth introduced their T-600 model as an alternative to their popular W-900 models and it featured a more aerodynamic body, boasting improved fuel mileage for its owners. The T-600 models became popular with many trucking fleets in the 90's but t...
  • ​Working Show Truck Of The Month – David Tompkins

    Robert Conrad
    May 2016
    In the trucking industry, owning and driving your own Peterbilt is somewhat of a status symbol. Peterbilt has long been considered the "Cadillac" of all of the trucks out on the interstates and owner operators swear by them for their quality, perfor...
  • ​Working Show Truck Of The Month – BER Trucking

    Robert Conrad
    April 2016
    As we head into April, 2016 is flying by faster than telephone poles on the side of the highway. Another farming season is beginning to take shape in the regions of the country that are transitioning from Winter to Spring. Farming and trucking are ...
  • Working Show Truck of the Month

    Robert Conrad
    March 2016
    Working Show Truck Of The Month – R.M. Pacella/ Kevin R. Tomes IIThe month of March brings with it the end of another long Winter season. As we move towards Spring, the trees and grass will begin to look green again and a number of construction a...