J W Trucking - Jay & Megan Westgate

Robert Conrad
September 2021

Jayson Westgate credits working with his grandfather in the woods at a very young age for his love of trucking and it led him to establish his own company, J W Trucking, back in 2009. He and his wife Megan have hauled just about everything from refrigerated freight to trash, but they currently haul cars with what might be the coolest Freightliner around!

This '99 Classic XL was originally a CA truck and they purchased it in 2018. The truck is powered by a 500 Detroit that's paired up with a 13-speed transmission, and it was completely redone in 2020 when it got a new paint job, a frame stretch to 285" with new frame rails, a polished drop visor, and a new bumper by Jay's brother-in-law Brandyn Clarke. In fact, Brandyn gets credit for all of the custom stainless work including the light box and deck plate.

The truck also features custom rear fenders, front drop fenders, and front & rear T-bars - all from Talladega Fiberglass. Plenty of clear LED lights all around create a rolling light show at night with the flip of a switch.

Jay says he has had his CDL for over 20 years and he's a 3rd generation trucker. He wanted to send a big thanks out to Brandyn Clarke for the great custom work and his help putting the truck back together. He says there are a few more custom surprises in store for this blue beauty and we can't wait to see them!

This cool, car-hauling Classic Freightliner definitely stands out in the crowd and it's the pride and joy of the J W Trucking fleet! Movin' Out salutes the Westgates and their customized car-hauler by making them our choice for the September Working Show truck of the Month.