Richard Stone

Robert Conrad
July 2020

Many of us get to a point in life where change is needed and it's time to rethink the path, we our walking and start over. As far as trucks are concerned, when they

get old enough or are involved in an accident, most owners will move another to another one. This sharp looking 1996 Peterbilt 379 is owned by Richard Stone and its

nicknamed "Twice Over" for a good reason. Richard bought the truck from a friend of his who had managed to roll it over twice in the 10 years that he owned it, and that's

where the name comes from. In 2006 when Richard purchased the truck it was in pretty rough shape, but he knew it had potential. He basically rebuilt the entire truck, including

putting brand new frame rails on it while stretching the wheelbase to 315". In fact, the only original piece of this '96 is the cab, which has made it thru 2.3 million miles! Custom 

features include a set of 6" flat top straight exhaust, a painted grille shell, painted drop visor, extra roof lights with the air horns removed, and single headlights. Power comes from

a 550 CAT engine that's paired up with an 18 speed transmission and a set of 3:91 rears. The interior features a custom floor, all chrome gauges on the dash, and a custom

shifter. Richard used to run the truck coast to coast doing heavy haul work, but he's switched over to local work by buying a daycab & a dump trailer, and using "Twice Over" for

overnight flatbed runs in the Spring months. Plans are for a full face lift in the coming year, so "Twice Over" might change its name to "Triple Play". Whatever name the truck gets,

it's sure to be a showstopper! We'll have to wait and see what Richard comes up with. Movin Out thought this old girl deserved some recognition, along with her owner Richard

Stone, so "Twice Over" is our choice for the July 2020 Working Show Truck of the Month!