Raiko Graveran

Robert Conrad
February 2024

You probably won't find too many 1995 Freightliner FLD-120s still out earning their keep, but "Little Blue" is one fine '95 that always gets plenty of thumbs up for owner Raiko Graveran. Raiko says he has loved trucks since he was a little boy and his trips with his father put the diesel in his blood!

This is the first & only truck that he has ever owned and Raiko has slowly transformed it over the 14 years he's owned it, into a one-of-a-kind "Freightshaker" that gets him plenty of thumbs up. He paid $6,000.00 for it and says it was in bad condition when he purchased it. He would truck with "Little Blue" 5-6 days a week and then fix it on the weekends. Raiko says the rebuild took him almost a year and it was a real backyard project!

He wanted to thank Jose Albita for letting him get parts from his salvage yard, as well as Petty Roberson who helped with the steel welds & fab work. Rumo Welding made the custom aluminum deck and tail plates, and Dominguez Iron Work supplied the custom visor, wiper arm covers, and mudflap hangers. Raiko did the prep work for the paint and actually painted the frame & engine, but Le Chateau Body Show, out of Orlando, FL, sprayed the bright blue on the cab, hood, and sleeper.

Raiko has added a Dynaflex exhaust system, Hogebuilt fenders, and Trux lights. The interior was dressed up with custom carpet, a 20" retro steering wheel, sleeper cabinets, and a fridge & microwave have replaced the passenger seat! Power comes from a 60 Series Detroit paired up with a 13 speed and a set of 3:58 rears.

He says he never expected to be accepted on the show scene, due to the type and model of his truck, but it's been just the opposite! "Little Blue"  has been a big hit and Raiko Graveran has fit right in with his fantastic FLD-120!

Raiko & "Little Blue" help us brighten up February, as our Movin' Out Working Show Truck of the Month.