Durrell Martin – Owner/James Nolt - Driver Owl Creek Specialized

Robert Conrad
July 2024

"Big Red" is the nickname of this cool ride, that was originally built by Denver Truck Painting in Denver, PA, and Mark Hollen & his crew built a 323" showstopper!

The truck started as a 389 glider that was actually built to resemble a 359. DTP to a 389 hood and cut it to 359 specs and continued the "old school" look by adding 359 air cleaners, 359 headlights & brackets, and 359 mirrors. A full bus glass package was used on the side windows and the windshield.

Power comes from the 6NZ CAT that powers the 18 speed and 3:36 rears. Over 30 gallons of a stunning combination of red, black, chestnut, and gold paint were used and the stripes even continue underneath the hood & on the firewall.

Durrell Martin purchased the truck from DTP, following in his father's & grandfather's footsteps in trucking. Durrell has expanded his company and has put James Nolt in the driver's seat since, with James hauling heavy equipment.

James says he used to work with his dad at his truck shop & riding along on heavy wrecker calls got him "hooked" on trucking. He wanted to thank Durrell for the opportunity to work for such a great company and to drive such a cool truck! The truck looks even cooler today thanks to some changes Durrell made, including a 20" Texas bumper, custom tool boxes, Pickett elbows, a T-bar, and Legacy lowrider seats. One incredible build that's 50% 389 & 50% 359, but 100% cool! James always keeps it looking show ready, and it leads us into Summer as our July Working Show Truck of the Month.