Keanu Black - "High Dollar"

Robert Conrad
March 2024

This 1986 Peterbilt is the pride and joy of Keanu Black, a self-proclaimed "truck fanatic" who says he's loved trucks for over 28 years, and he's been trucking legally for about 4 years now.

Keanu is a 3rd generation trucker, following in his father Carl Black's footsteps. He's actually trucking in the same truck his father had helped purchase for A.L. Eastmond and Sons way back in 1997. His dad picked up Keanu at daycare and they went to Bayonne, NJ to look at a truck. When they arrived there were two to choose from and Keanu told his dad to get the blue one! Keanu's great uncle was the owner of the trucking company and had plans on painting this bright blue beauty jet black, which was the company color. Keanu says he threw a "temper tantrum of a lifetime" and convinced them not to paint it!

He says his dad hauled just about everything with this '86 including dump trailers, lowboys, extended double drops, and even oversize loads close to 97' long into the heart of New York City! By the time Keanu was in 9th grade he'd gone trucking to 41 states with his dad. On many of those trips he was supposed to be in class, but Keanu told his dad that school was cancelled for the day! He says his dad ended up having a falling out and he never got the truck even though it had been promised to him. Keanu tried to buy the truck himself for 11 years, and he finally succeeded a few years ago. The truck needed a lot of repairs but Keanu began saving to get it fixed up & start Black Transport.

Sadly, his dad passed away on August 31, 2020, and he says he lost his best friend & his mentor that day. He was determined to keep his dad's memory alive and finish what they had planned. Keanu eventually replaced just about everything including bushings, air lines, electrical, lights, and tires.

Antrim Diesel "tuned up" the B-Model CAT and it's pushing out 668 HP to the crank! He says people often ask him what the price would be on his fine 359, and Keanu tells them it's priceless, since it reminds him of his dad every time he gets in the driver's seat!

He wanted to thank all of his friends and  family for helping him along the way, especially Matthew Line, Mike Parkhill, Joe Castiglione, Alex Prifti, and the Velasquez Brothers from CA. Keanu says he still has plenty to do to the truck, but all the smiles it gives him make the work worth it.

Movin' Out salutes Keanu Black by choosing him & his fine 359 as our Working Show Truck of the Month for March 2024.