Earl Chapman/Pimco Transportation, LLC

Robert Conrad
December 2023

his fine 359 Peterbilt brings us into the month of December looking like a silver Christmas ornament on top of Santa's red sleigh and it's the pride and joy of Earl Chapman! Earl says he got into trucking in 1992 and with plenty of hard work & long hours he's built Pimco Transportation LLC into a small fleet of 30 trucks based in San Angelo, TX. He says they haul beef, adult beverages, and prison food on the reefer side and various building materials on the flatbed side.

The pride and joy of Earl's fleet is this fine 359, an '84 model that he purchased with the intention of repainting and putting to work. What started out as a simple repaint turned into a full restoration lasting 3 years. 87 Paint Shop in Joplin, Missouri worked their magic, replacing every skin and installing a new hood. Earl says the only cab parts reused were the windshield cowl & sleeper roof. The truck was painted with Imron elite Chrysler Silver and accented perfectly by the Flame Red Pearl frame. The original frame rails were also used, but the cab & sleeper were rebuilt on a custom hidden subframe. The truck sits perfectly at 285" and it's powered by a 2 WS E-Model CAT paired with a 5 & 4 transmission. The cab was "big holed" and they installed a new dash, dash panels, and new seats recovered in old style velour.

Earl wanted to thank Dan's Shop, Henry Velasquez, & 4 State Trucks for the parts and he said the rebuild finished just in time for the Peterbilt Factory Show in October '22. He was then able to bring it out to the nursing home his dad was in and show it to him before he passed away in December '22. Earl enjoys showing of his fine 359 whenever he has time, but even when he's not at a truck show, he puts on his own rolling show out on the interstate!

Movin' Out salutes Earl Chapman for representing the trucking industry with class, by choosing him & his 359 as our December Working Show Truck of the Month!