Ben Schultze

Robert Conrad
May 2024

It's hard to believe that Ben Schultze's K-Dub is over 20 years old, but it has plenty of "Midwest Cool" from the front bumper to the tail lights on the 305" wheelbase!

Ben gave the truck a complete facelift after he purchased it in 2020. He bought the truck from a driver who was leased on with Commercial Services, the same company his father, Scott Schultze, was driving for until 2002. Scott Schultze actually purchased Commercial Services in 2002, moving it to Algona, IA, & brought his son Ben on board to work with him. Ben credits his dad for getting him into trucking and he says it was actually his dad's idea to "go all out" on this build since they purchased the truck so cheap.

Ben ended up selling his '06 KW W-900 to help fund the project, and he drove a company truck for Commercial Services for several years during the build. He says it was a learning process, as they built a number of parts themselves, including the deck plate & rear bumper. Ben even painted the dash & several other interior parts in house! The end result was a 2003 with over 2.3 million miles on it that now looks factory fresh!

Power comes from a CAT 6NZ motor paired up with an 18 speed, and Ben says he hauls refrigerated freight, primarily for Hormel, around the Midwest.

He wanted to thank Damon, Dacoda, and Jace (seen in our photo) for helping build the truck, along with Tyler at Van Der Zwaag Customs for the paint work, EAG Custom Upholstery for their interior work, and JR Schleuger & Lifetime Nut Covers for all the custom items. Ben also thanks his mom (Chris) & dad, his wife Tana, and his kids Lauren, Molly, & Emerson for all of their love & support in his trucking journey.

Movin Out sends a big round of applause out to Ben for all of his hard work that helped turn this '03 KW into a showstopper that defines Working Show truck perfectly!!