​Arien Ruell

Robert Conrad
December 2018

Donegal, PA native Arien Ruell definitely has diesel running thru his veins and he certainly takes a great deal of pride in representing the trucking industry with class in his 1993 Peterbilt 379, a truck that looks nothing like it did when Arien brought it home.

He always wanted to build his own custom truck and this radical, red & black beauty is the end result of quite a few sleepless nights and countless hours of work. Starting with a sea green '93 Pete that hard been run hard, Arien began the transformation.

Arien did 90% of the work with his own two hands, cutting and fitting all of the parts that he was able to get out of local salvage yards. He converted the original small sleeper hole in the back of the cab to a unibuilt opening for more access and stretched the frame from 235" to 304". The finish welding on the frame was done by his cousin and a friend, and Arien's good friend Doug Stammley put the finishing touches on the truck with the custom red & black paint job. Doug works his magic at his shop, Doug's Custom Auto, located in Acme, PA. He and Arien collaborated to give the Peterbilt that clean hot rod look that you see in our photos. Custom features include the angle-cut front bumper, grille, painted drop visor, pained battery boxes with polished step plates, cab & sleeper extensions, and custom fenders over the rear tandems.

Amazingly, the entire build was completed in just 90 days from the time that Arien brought the truck home. He said that this build pushed him to his limits but all of the time, money, and effort he put into it has been paid back tenfold. This build helped him rekindle old friendships, inspire new ones, and most importantly, helped him meet his current girlfriend and future wife - Marki Rae Gregg. Arien and Marki both have deep roots in the trucking industry and come from trucking families, and the future certainly looks bright for both of them! Arien runs hard and wanted to emphasize that this truck is a worker, as he runs an average of 3 to 4 thousand miles every week, supporting himself, Marki Rae, and their "fur babies" at home.

Movin' Out salutes Arien Ruell for his incredible build on this stunning Peterbilt and his tireless work ethic. This truck is 100% class and hand built cool that puts on a show wherever Arien takes it!