Gary & Devery Jones -  SPB Trucking, LLC

Robert Conrad
April 2020

There is definitely a lot of trucking experience and history is the Jones family, and Gary Jones is following in the footsteps of his grandfather and his father, Gary Jones, Sr., every time he steps up into the driver's seat of his 1999 Peterbilt 379 extended hood.

Gary is a 3rd generation trucker from Lawson, MO and he operates SPB Trucking, LLC with his wife Devery Jones. In many trucking families, the wives run the office or handle the billing, but in Devery Jones' case, she plays a much more "hands on" role, driving her own Peterbilt, a 1995 short hood. Gary has nicknamed Devery's truck "Excessive Behavior" and his truck "Excessive Behavior II", and as you can see from our photos, both trucks are excessively cool! Both trucks have a 308" wheelbase and over 2,000 hours of some of the coolest air brushed flames between the 2 of them.

Gary pulls a 2019 55 ton Globe Trailers lowboy that's air brushed to match his tractor. He wanted to send a big thank you out to Ryan Piana and the entire Globe Trailers staff for building such a great trailer and providing unmatched customer service. Gary's truck is powered by a Cummins engine that's paired up with an 18 speed transmission and a set of 3:36 rears. His truck is custom from front to back with single headlights, a painted drop visor, lighted lower cab & sleeper panels, and single hump fenders over all of the rears. Gary wanted to credit Jones Customs & Collision, Peasterbilt Customs, Road Works Mfg., and Talladega Fiberglass for making both trucks look incredible! He also wanted to thank his dad, Gary Jones Sr. for everything he's done. Gary & Devery Jones are definitely trucking in style with their hot heavy haulers and they are both excessively cool.