"Ferreiras Towing"

Robert Conrad
July 2019

Ferreira's Towing has built a reputation in New England as one of the best local towing companies with their commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. Their fleet of trucks can handle all types of towing and recovery situations and each truck is show quality while being on call 24/7.

The boys from Ferreira's Towing have a brand-new addition to their fleet, this show-stopping twin steer KW T-800 equipped with an NRC 50/65 sliding rotator wrecker body. This truck is part beauty and part beast, but one thing's for sure it's a first-class powerhouse that can tow or recover anything that comes along.

Andy Ferreira of Ferreira Wrecker Sales had a vision for the company to build this truck and he said, "If we are going to do it, we are going to do it right." Build it right they did, and they did it in house at their shop, with the help of NRC Industries building the body, Matt Brown Truck Repair painting the truck & body, and "Charlie The Broom" doing the lettering & pin striping.

Richard (Dick) Mason joined the Ferreira's team back in 2009 and has been essential in helping them grow from a small fleet to their present size of 26 trucks and 13 trailers. He has taken the reigns of the new T-800 and it has gone right to work. Power comes from a Cummins ISX 600 HP engine that's backed by an 18-speed transmission. The truck has dual 20,000 LB front axles, a 20,000 LB steerable pusher axle, and 46,000LB rears on NUWAY suspension. 12 Gauge Customs, Canada's leading custom truck shop, supplied the reverse bowtie visor and the custom mirror brackets. The truck features a "clean" roof with 13 clearance lights on top, a custom angle cut bumper, dual straight pipes, and custom-made battery boxes and steps. No job is too big for Dick Mason and Ferreira's new KW and he'll be hooking in style with this beautiful behemoth!