​Owner: Bob Taylor.- Sundowner Inc., Driver: Dave Tarmin

Robert Conrad
March 2020

Bill (Pop) and Bob Taylor founded Sundowner Inc., a dump truck service that hauls sand, stone, blacktop, millings and dirt, in the early 80's. Bill's wife, the late Carolyn (Mom) Taylor ran the office until Bob's wife Lillian Taylor took over the day-to-day duties.

Sadly, Pop has since passed away as well, and Bob is currently running the business, which keeps five trucks busy. The 5th truck is this sharp looking 2000 Mack RD688 that Bob purchased from a NJ Mack dealer. Unfortunately, the Mack R-Models are no longer in production, but Bob Taylor is keeping this legendary old school model fresh in people's minds, by running this sharp green & yellow tri-axle every day.

The truck is driven by Dave Tarmin, who treats it as if it were his own truck. He takes a great deal of pride in this "company truck" and he washes it almost every day after the hauls have been delivered. Dave even comes in on the weekends to polish it, keeping that shine going all week long!

The green & yellow paint combination is accented by a bright red frame, along with fully polished rims, a classic Mack bumper with grille guard, and fuel tanks that you can eat off of! The truck features an E7 460 Jake Brake. The 13 speed transmission was changed to a Mack 18 speed and the 44,000 lb. rears were swapped out to an 8:11 Fuller at 46,000 lb.

This definitely is one truck that can haul any load it has to, and Dave Tarmin makes sure it shines along every mile. "Mom & Pop" Taylor believed in living the dream by working hard and loving what you do. They passed that philosophy on to Bob and he lives by that today. He's often asked when he's going to retire, and Bob always replies by saying not anytime soon, since he's having too much fun! He enjoys attending various truck show during the Summer and showing off his equipment.

Movin' Out would like to salute Bob & Lillian Taylor, along with driver Dave Tarmin, for all of their hard work while they're living the dream that was started by "Mom & Pop" Taylor. This is one classic R-Model that has gotten better with age and is a true working show truck!