​C.D. Davenport Trucking./Ryan Yagodzinski

Robert Conrad
December 2019

As kids growing up it's probably safe to say that we've all played hooky from school at least one or twice in our lives. Ryan Yagodzinski may or may not have played hooky a couple of times during his school days, but one thing's for sure, he definitely doesn't play hooky when it comes to keeping C.D. Davenport's 2009 KW W-900L "flat glass" shining!

Truck number 2 in the Greenfield, MA - based C.D. Davenport fleet works locally in Massachusetts on demolition jobs and small equipment deliveries, and Ryan makes sure its show ready when it hits the asphalt.

C.D. Davenport trucks have been a familiar sight on the roads of New England ever since the company was established way back in 1929. Old school values continue to drive this family owned company and they treat their customers like family members as soon as they walk in the office. The truck just happens to be nicknamed "Play'n Hooky", a name that was given to it by Ryan's friend and fellow trucker, Chris Murdock. It's fitting that this cool K-Dub is equipped with a hydraulic hook lift by Marrel Corporation, and the 30' flatbed body can be swapped out to allow the truck to run dumpsters. Riding on 24.5 rubber all around, the truck is powered by a 600 Cummins that's paired up with an 18 speed transmission. A 50,000 LB Primax rear suspension and a 132,000 LB air ride front suspension allow Ryan to haul a variety of loads with the truck. Custom features include a square bumper with a 12 Gauge Customs' flip kit, a louvered grille, polished drop visor, and a custom rear taillight valence. The roof of the cab has been "cleaned " with all of the lights & air horns being removed.

Ryan says that his grandfather drove trucks for many years at UMass and he planted the truck driving bug in Ryan at an early age. When he's not trucking during the week, Ryan likes to attend truck shows and he goes with his girlfriend of 10+ years, Brianna. She's always there for him but she lets him shine the tires with his special formula! Ryan has his own nickname as he's called "Yago" by almost everyone that knows him well. He wanted to send a big thanks out to Chris Davenport for giving him the opportunity to drive for the company, and of course to Brianna, for all of her love & support. Yago might play hooky on the weekends by taking the Davenport hook truck to shows, but he's all business on Monday when the work week starts!

Movin' Out would like to salute Ryan Yagodzinski and C.D. Davenport for all of their efforts, and their white hot KW is a fitting choice for December with snow in the forecast. One thing's for sure, Yago will have the tires shining no matter what!