Magazine / High Performance Diesel Engines

  • What's Fuel Catalyst?

    Jordan Greathouse
    March 2023
    Max Mileage fuel-borne catalyst is a type of chemical additive that is added to diesel fuel to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. The purpose of these catalysts is to improve combustion and reduce friction within the engine, resulting in i...
  • Winter Fronts And S60 Stutter Issues

    Leroy Pershing
    February 2023
    Now that winter has arrived, we receive occasional calls about whether or not a winter front should be installed. You sometimes see them on trucks when driving down the highway. It makes people think that they are not doing all they can for their tru...
  • See The Difference!

    Jordan Greathouse; Chris Kyle
    January 2023
    Since opening up the doors to our DPF Alternatives facility, we have restored hundreds of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst Filters (DOC) to up to 99% of their OEM specification. This is done using a combination of air-kn...
  • The Addiction of Movement

    Bruce Mallinson
    December 2022
    The Art of The Ride, The Thrill of the Throttle,  The Love of Movement,   The Thrill of Acceleration while going uphill ! I know my mind can work in strange ways; however, this is what I feel especially after being at a motorcycle rally and riding ...
  • High Performance Diesel Engines

    Bruce Mallinson
    November 2022
    Why can transmission and differential oils stay clean for 250,000 miles or longer and not the engine oil?  What makes engine oil dirty is the combustion of fuel with oxygen.  There are two items that wear out the engine, not counting driver abuse....
  • BeeSeen

    Tom Chupp, Leroy Pershing, Jordan Greathouse
    October 2022
    Fellow drivers, do you have a problem with taillights covering up with snow and ice? Me too until now. My name is Tom Chupp. I invented a light Patent #10099658 and started the company BeeSeen Technology. How many hours have you spent waiting for wre...
  • Out With the Old

    Jordan Greathouse
    September 2022
    If you have been listening to The Power Hour - With Kevin Rutherford of late, you will have heard talk of our chassis dyno getting ready to have a bit of a facelift. Well, the time has come, and the old girl is about to be bigger and better than ever...
  • Reaching out

    Jordan Greathouse and Bruce Mallinson
    August 2022
    Here at Pittsburgh Power, we endeavor to impart useful and accurate information to our customers, be they loyal long-time customers or drivers just starting to hear about us. We have covered pretty much all facets of the diesel industry, be it Engine...
  • The Little Space Can Make A Big Difference

    Jordan Greathouse & Bruce Mallinso
    July 2022
    Some customers will come to us and ask, “why do I need a new intake manifold on my ISX? Isn’t stock good enough?” The short answer is, yes, the stock intake manifold is perfectly adequate… If you’re looking for stock performance! At Pittsbu...
  • High Performance Diesel Engines

    Bruce Mallinson
    June 2022
    Burned Turbochargers, there is a reason to have a good working pyrometer, with the thermocouple in the exhaust manifold and a turbo boost gauge, and know what they read and mean. On April 28th, I returned a phone call to an older gentleman, who was, ...
  • MATS, Copy Cats And Avoiding Major Highway Crashes

    Jordan C Greathouse, Bill Felman, and Bruce Mallinson
    May 2022
    MATS  It's been two years since the last Mid-America Trucking Show, and in that time, a lot has happened for Pittsburgh Power. Max mileage FBC has come forward leaps and bounds; we took over OPS (Oil Purifications System) and began manufacturing the...
  • Do's and Don'ts after Regenerations…

    Leroy Pershing and Jordan Greathouse
    April 2022
    In the span of two weeks, we have seen the same failure on two different trucks. These engines were different model years with different after-treatment configurations. One had a DPF and SCR, while the other only had a DPF. The failure is the DPF out...
  • The Benefits of Maintenance

    Jordan Greathouse
    March 2022
    It's 2010, and you have finally bought yourself that shiny new 3/4 ton Diesel-powered monster that you have wanted since you can remember. You couldn't be happier. Skip ahead ten years, and your faithful friend is starting to show its age. The Dodge ...
  • High Performance Diesel Engines

    Bruce Mallinson and Leroy Pershing
    February 2022
    Winter brings extra challenges for truck owners with DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) equipped trucks.  DEF needs to be at a certain temperature in order to vaporize properly into the exhaust stream.  The temperature in the tank, lines and injector are c...
  • High Performance Diesel Engines

    Bruce Mallinson, Andrew Wilson, & Leroy Pershing
    January 2022
    Be careful, plan ahead. The shortages our country is experiencing are making their way to diesel fuel and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).  If the current shortages of mechanics, trucks, and drivers does not improve then shortages may continue to get wor...
  • High Performance Diesel Engines

    Bruce Mallinson, Andrew Wilson, & Leroy Pershing
    December 2021
    Repair shops struggle as the scarcity of replacement parts are keeping trucks in shops and drivers in waiting rooms. Here at Pittsburgh Power, we are feeling the impact of these shortages. It is maddening to know the issue but are unable to perform r...
  • High Performance Diesel Engines

    Bruce Mallinson, Andrew Wilson, & Leroy Pershing
    November 2021
    For those of you who came to our 2021 Victory Road Truck show, we’d like to thank you. We had 93 trucks this year and a very healthy spectator turnout. It was nice to have the Pittsburgh Power team together talking trucks and catching up with old f...
  • High Performance Diesel Engines

    Bruce Mallinson, Andrew Wilson, & Leroy Pershing
    October 2021
    If you’re looking for new ways to increase efficiency, one thing to keep in mind is the overall weight of the tractor. Lightweighting is a popular new trend fleets are using to increase fuel economy, but you can take advantage of Lightweighting as ...
  • High Performance Diesel Engines

    Bruce Mallinson, Andrew Wilson, & Leroy Pershing
    September 2021
    When you call us with engine or truck related problems, please help us help you. Know exactly what engine, transmission, and rear gear ratio you have. Also know your cruising RPM, cruising turbo boost, and peak turbo boost. I need this information to...
  • High Performance Diesel Engines

    Bruce Mallinson & Andrew Wilson
    August 2021
    What an amazing industry the diesel engine and trucking business is. You never know who is going to call, stop in, what they know and what they are capable of.  About 1 month ago a gentlemen called me and mentioned he purchased an older Superliner M...