Magazine / High Performance Diesel Engines

  • Fixing the Unfixable

    Leroy Pershing and Bruce Mallinson
    July 2024
    About a month ago, we fixed an “unfixable” Paccar MX-13 here in ten minutes. This truck was a single-cab Kenworth off the road for about two years. The truck initially started running poorly, and the owners did what many clueless owners do: they ...
  • The Passing Of A Friend

    Jordan Greathouse and Bill Fellma
    June 2024
    It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that Pittsburgh Power announces the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Pete Sharp, on May 5, 2024. Pete's valiant fight against pancreatic cancer in the past year was a testament to his extraordinary ...
  • Ensuring Road Safety: The Crucial Role of Prechecks in the Class A Diesel Industry

    Jordan Greathouse
    May 2024
    In the world of transportation, the Class A diesel industry stands as a vital artery, facilitating the movement of goods across our country. However, there lies a crucial and often overlooked aspect: prechecks. These routine inspections, conducted be...
  • An O/O Viewpoint of Bruce Mallinson’s Snow Mobile Conference

    Dan Hembree
    April 2024
    The snowmobile conference was so much more than I could’ve imagined. I’ve heard it mentioned several times in years past. And have always hoped to go someday. Sledding has always looked like so much fun. And this year, it just happened. I didn’...
  • Quit The Insanity; Stop Deleting Your Diesel Engines

    Bruce Mallinson, Jordan Greathouse
    March 2024
    When the emission system is working correctly, removing it is unnecessary. If the shop you are using cannot repair the emissions, find an intelligent shop that understands the system. DPF alternatives have the best process for cleaning the DPF filter...
  • High Performance Diesel Engines

    Bruce Mallinson and Leroy Pershing
    February 2024
    Years ago, when the Big Cam Cummins engine was in 74% of all trucks sold in North America, we at Pittsburgh Power developed 42 items to improve the power, longevity, and fuel mileage of this wonderful engine. We really knew this engine well and still...
  • High Performance Diesel Engines

    Bruce Mallinson, Leroy Pershing, and Jordan Greathouse
    January 2024
    Did I hear someone say a Volvo with a Volvo engine never breaks down? Well, guess what? We have a Volvo powered by Volvo in our shop for vibration issues. Our team of electrical engineers installed our vibration-analyzing equipment on the truck while...
  • Converting Analog to Digital – How ECM’s Read Sensors

    Leroy Pershing
    December 2023
    A common question about trucks equipped with the Detroit series 60 engine is why their mechanical boost gauge doesn’t match their electronic boost gauge. Or why does my mechanical boost gauge read 40 psi of boost, but my electronic gauge only reads...
  • Twisted Pair Wiring

    Leroy Pershing
    November 2023
    It goes without saying that trucks have increased in complexity over the years. We went from engines with a handful of wires to what manufacturers call "systems," not engines. Two main complaints I hear with new trucks are the aftertreatment and all ...
  • Vibration Analysis

    Leroy Pershing
    October 2023
    A 2002 Peterbilt 379 day cab was brought to us with a vibration complaint. This 379 has a Caterpillar C12 engine 13-speed Eaton transmission and is operated at a local landscape company. The customer stated they can feel the vibration in all gears an...
  • High Performance Diesel Engines

    Bruce Mallinson, Peter Sharp, Leroy Pershing
    September 2023
    I always wondered why Kenworth never made the cab of their great trucks about 6" longer so taller people would have room for their legs. Recently I had the opportunity to meet Mike McWilliams from Bakersfield, Ca. He is now 56 years old, and in his y...
  • High Performance Diesel Engines

    Bruce Mallinson and Jeff Wyn
    August 2023
    In the dynamic world of the diesel truck industry, knowledge and experience are the lifeblood of progress and innovation. Recognizing the invaluable insights possessed by its passionate customers and media subscribers, Pittsburgh Power has taken a un...
  • DPFs & Max Mileage

    Steve Shurina, Jordan Greathouse
    July 2023
    During my initial experience with DPF cleaning, I encountered some filters that had a pinkish tint. Various factors could contribute to this occurrence. However, I discovered that the most common reason was the use of a product called Max Mileage. In...
  • High Performance Diesel Engines

    Bruce Mallinson & Leroy Pershing
    June 2023
    Vibrations can be the death of your truck and wear out your body 2 hours faster per day.  Torsional Dampers are many times referred to as Harmonic Balancers; that is NOT the correct term, it’s a Torsional Damper.  This damper is a critical part o...
  • High Performance Diesel Engines

    Bruce Mallinson, Leroy Pershing
    May 2023
    Fuel Mileage, most calls I get about poor fuel mileage result from a truck that is not set up correctly and requires 18 to 22 pounds of turbo boost to pull the load on level terrain. There are many causes of high turbo boost on the level. Driving too...
  • The Importance Of Aftertreatment

    Jordan Greathouse
    March 2023
    Heavy-duty trucks play a vital role in our everyday lives. These trucks are designed to carry large payloads and travel long distances, making them an essential component of the transportation sector. However, these trucks also significantly impact t...
  • What's Fuel Catalyst?

    Jordan Greathouse
    March 2023
    Max Mileage fuel-borne catalyst is a type of chemical additive that is added to diesel fuel to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. The purpose of these catalysts is to improve combustion and reduce friction within the engine, resulting in i...
  • Winter Fronts And S60 Stutter Issues

    Leroy Pershing
    February 2023
    Now that winter has arrived, we receive occasional calls about whether or not a winter front should be installed. You sometimes see them on trucks when driving down the highway. It makes people think that they are not doing all they can for their tru...
  • See The Difference!

    Jordan Greathouse; Chris Kyle
    January 2023
    Since opening up the doors to our DPF Alternatives facility, we have restored hundreds of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst Filters (DOC) to up to 99% of their OEM specification. This is done using a combination of air-kn...
  • The Addiction of Movement

    Bruce Mallinson
    December 2022
    The Art of The Ride, The Thrill of the Throttle,  The Love of Movement,   The Thrill of Acceleration while going uphill ! I know my mind can work in strange ways; however, this is what I feel especially after being at a motorcycle rally and riding ...