Magazine / A Likely Story

  • Setting The Pace

    Roger Clark
    February 2024
    As you may have heard, Dave Sweetman has retired from trucking. For many years, he was the one who put words to our miles out here, leaving us breathing a sigh of relief, empathy, humor, or anger. Funny, forthright, engaging, and sometimes painfully ...
  • “Tour De Farce”

    Roger Clark
    January 2024
    One of the most memorable segments of my trucking career was doing marketing tours. I didn’t know what ‘Event Marketing’ was, before actually doing it, but the learning curve was easy. All I had to do was show up on time and was immediately eve...
  • Twelve Days Of Christmas

    Roger Clark
    December 2023
    As many of you know, the idea of buying gifts for loved ones is a traumatic experience. It leaves us tense, irritable, exasperated, and exhausted. And that’s before we even set foot in the shopping mall. It’s no better shopping online, where ther...
  • Senior Discount

    Roger Clark
    November 2023
    The first time I was offered a senior discount, it was 1997. I was in my forties. The first time I ever asked for one in 2017, they thought I was in my forties. Recently at the Golden Arches, I asked what age qualified for a senior discount, and ...
  • A Likely Story  - No Worries, We Got This

    Roger Clark
    October 2023
    This time I was ready. As the S-64 Sikorsky helicopter swooped in for a hot landing, I had the fuel hose draped over my shoulder, ready to sprint forward the moment the wheels were chocked. Silently reviewing the checklist, I thought about coveralls....
  •  “Forgot Password”

    Roger Clark
    August 2023
    To access my company email with the phone requires a password. So does my payroll. And Per Diem. Gmail. Social Security. Medicare. I even need a password to log into my passwords, which doesn’t faze the folks in IT at all. Clearly, they’ve never ...
  • A Likely Story

    Roger Clark
    August 2023
    For years I’ve been passing through a time warp between oil fields and windfarms. From the dawn of Y2K to yesterday’s sunset, a lot of my trucking has been hidden in the dust clouds of pump jacks and windmills. Despite a significant reduction in ...
  • No Thanks, I’m Driving

    Roger Clark
    July 2023
    Like many of us, I devote sixty hours a week to making sure a load of greeting cards, gift certificates, child support checks, and my sister-in-law’s hand-made envelopes make it safely to their destination. Reading Jen’s letters is a twice-weekly...
  • A Likely Story - Adjust In Motion

    Roger Clark
    June 2023
    I like to think there’s no rig I can’t handle. My second cabover, after all, was a 1978 IHC powered by a six-banger Detroit, backed up by a 13-speed Roadranger. You know, one with a splitter over the plunger, which was harder to learn than a Moza...
  •  Counter Clockwise

    Roger Clark
    May 2023
    The Daylight Savings change happens in March and November. There’s good reason for it, but something different every year. Back in the day, it was for the farmers. Later it was for the kiddos waiting on the school bus. Then it was to distinguish Cl...
  • The Night Shift

    Roger Clark
    March 2023
    It was a cold April night in the countryside outside El Paso, and drivers were just settling in the TV room when word came down from dispatch. Five trucks were immediately needed to bobtail for Dallas, scheduled to arrive first thing in the morning. ...
  •  “I Did That!”

    Roger Clark
    February 2023
    There are now YouTube channels celebrating the dumb stuff truck drivers do. The people creating those videos are just trying to be funny. But in the words of Jay Leno, “If you’re not funny, don’t try!” These influencers are showing mistakes a...
  • “No Business Like Snow Business”

    Roger Clark
    January 2023
    “What the hell was I thinking!”, I said to myself as wind driven snow pelted the windshield. It was the middle of January, and middle of the night, in the middle of Minnesota. My load was a big green machine, chained to the stepdeck, destined for...
  • My First Ever

    Roger Clark
    December 2022
    I’ve had a lot of ‘firsts’ in my trucking career. It was my first time in Canada, first load to Mexico, and first delivery to Trump Tower on 5th Avenue. It was my first ever drug screen, first serious injury, first time in business, and first ...
  • But Wait! There’s More!

    Roger Clark
    November 2022
    Recently I flew for business to Bozeman, Montana, and forgot how much turbulence there could be, even before taking off. Checking in at the ticket counter in Wichita, they asked for everything, Driver’s license, credit card, confirmation number, an...
  • “Truck Driving For Dummies”

    Roger Clark
    October 2022
    We were circling Yellowstone Park, awhile back, and my student driver was behind the wheel but ahead of his time. Stopped at a crosswalk, we were waiting for a pedestrian to reach the opposite curb. “Hey, Mike!”, I said quickly, “is that a guy,...
  • Five Words Spoken Four Times

    Roger Clark
    August 2022
    I was just now reminiscing about my time as a bachelor. You know, the days of burnt toast, dirt-caked clothes, and nothing but dust bunnies and bills in the mailbox. Oh yeah, the good times, right? Headaches caused by smudged glasses, burger bags stu...
  • Dedicated Runs

    Roger Clark
    August 2022
    Many companies advertise dedicated runs, and every outfit has a different idea what, exactly, is a dedicated run. Some say it’s a turn-and-burn, and others think of a one-way delivery. Still others think it means the same kind of freight, and a few...
  • “Taking The Wheel”

    Roger Clark
    June 2022
    The driver sitting across from me at an Oklahoma truck stop claimed to have never had an accident, or received a citation, failed an inspection, or been reprimanded by his employers. I’m sure it was true. Or could be true.  It wasn’t a fairy tal...
  • “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall”

    Roger Clark
    May 2022
    Trucking down southwest Missouri highway 59, it’s a very scenic drive. And very narrow, in places. As I passed a northbound reefer, we actually touched mirrors with a resounding clack. “Are you okay?”, he quickly hollered on the CB. “I’m ok...