Magazine / A Likely Story

  •  “I Did That!”

    Roger Clark
    February 2023
    There are now YouTube channels celebrating the dumb stuff truck drivers do. The people creating those videos are just trying to be funny. But in the words of Jay Leno, “If you’re not funny, don’t try!” These influencers are showing mistakes a...
  • “No Business Like Snow Business”

    Roger Clark
    January 2023
    “What the hell was I thinking!”, I said to myself as wind driven snow pelted the windshield. It was the middle of January, and middle of the night, in the middle of Minnesota. My load was a big green machine, chained to the stepdeck, destined for...
  • My First Ever

    Roger Clark
    December 2022
    I’ve had a lot of ‘firsts’ in my trucking career. It was my first time in Canada, first load to Mexico, and first delivery to Trump Tower on 5th Avenue. It was my first ever drug screen, first serious injury, first time in business, and first ...
  • But Wait! There’s More!

    Roger Clark
    November 2022
    Recently I flew for business to Bozeman, Montana, and forgot how much turbulence there could be, even before taking off. Checking in at the ticket counter in Wichita, they asked for everything, Driver’s license, credit card, confirmation number, an...
  • “Truck Driving For Dummies”

    Roger Clark
    October 2022
    We were circling Yellowstone Park, awhile back, and my student driver was behind the wheel but ahead of his time. Stopped at a crosswalk, we were waiting for a pedestrian to reach the opposite curb. “Hey, Mike!”, I said quickly, “is that a guy,...
  • Five Words Spoken Four Times

    Roger Clark
    August 2022
    I was just now reminiscing about my time as a bachelor. You know, the days of burnt toast, dirt-caked clothes, and nothing but dust bunnies and bills in the mailbox. Oh yeah, the good times, right? Headaches caused by smudged glasses, burger bags stu...
  • Dedicated Runs

    Roger Clark
    August 2022
    Many companies advertise dedicated runs, and every outfit has a different idea what, exactly, is a dedicated run. Some say it’s a turn-and-burn, and others think of a one-way delivery. Still others think it means the same kind of freight, and a few...
  • “Taking The Wheel”

    Roger Clark
    June 2022
    The driver sitting across from me at an Oklahoma truck stop claimed to have never had an accident, or received a citation, failed an inspection, or been reprimanded by his employers. I’m sure it was true. Or could be true.  It wasn’t a fairy tal...
  • “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall”

    Roger Clark
    May 2022
    Trucking down southwest Missouri highway 59, it’s a very scenic drive. And very narrow, in places. As I passed a northbound reefer, we actually touched mirrors with a resounding clack. “Are you okay?”, he quickly hollered on the CB. “I’m ok...
  • Fire In The Bay

    Roger Clark
    April 2022
    Now that the TSA is in charge of issuing hazmat certification, the training is simply three steps. First, determine the nature of an emergency. Second, take note of the wind direction. Third, run like your life depends upon it, because it probably do...
  • Nowhere To Go But Overboard

    Roger Clark
    March 2022
    My father wore a suit & tie to the office. By all accounts he carried it off well. But deep down he was an authentic river rat. He spent every available hour, and a few that weren’t, boating on the Minnesota River. From its source on the shores...
  • Pulling My Heartstrings

    Roger Clark
    February 2022
    It was a routine appointment with my cardiologist, checking on a plain old heart stent. They rolled me into the hospital Cath Lab without a rush, where I was padded, prodded, sardined, and packaged upon the table. Then they very routinely shut my lig...
  • “Wait For It”

    Roger Clark
    January 2022
    As you may have noticed recently since 1950, we wait for a lot of things in this business. We wait for showers, permits, pickup numbers, and cash advances. We wait in line for fuel, then wait to pay for it. We wait in line to scale, then wait in line...
  • “Cruise Control”

    Roger Clark
    December 2021
    I’m a big guy. I drive a big truck. I dream big dreams, and that’s a big deal, but some things can make me feel small in the blink of an eye. That would include the Northern Lights, red cliffs of Moab, and stars so close you could pluck them from...
  • A Likely Story - “Up, Up, And Away…”

    Roger Clark
    November 2021
    There are dozens of parallels between truckers and pilots. We each have Hours Of Service, Electronic Logging Devices, medical cards, and endorsements. In addition, we share the curse and blessing of dispatchers, managers, Safety Directors, and Compli...
  • “Person Of Interest”

    Roger Clark
    October 2021
    I read a news story about a guy arrested for murder, identified only as ‘person of interest’ now a ‘resident’ in a local county jail. I mean uh, correctional facility. After just a little digging, of course, we learned the sheriff was newly w...
  • A Likely Story - What Parking Problem?

    Roger Clark
    September 2021
    By Roger Clark I hear a lot about the parking problem at truck stops. But I don’t see it. What I do see are drivers—dozens of drivers—playing musical chairs every evening, looking for a parking spot. No matter the color, creed, sex, or politic...
  •  “The Woman Behind The Man Behind The Wheel”

    Roger Clark
    August 2021
    Country music legend Red Sovine recorded “The Woman Behind The Man Behind The Wheel” in 1977, a top-100 pick on the Billboard Charts. Already famous for “Giddyup Go” (1965), “Phantom 309”, (1967), and “Teddy Bear” (1976), “Woman Beh...
  • “It’s Funny Now”

    Roger Clark
    July 2021
    Driving for a large national carrier often leaves me feeling uncomfortably visible or unusually anonymous. I often appear to be the lead mouse, in our highway rat race, or completely invisible. Particularly on the scene of an incident or accident, it...
  • Shadows In The Night

    Roger Clark
    June 2021
    It was the pre-dawn hours in Charleston, South Carolina, and a wrong turn led to a deserted parking lot. Carefully working my 53-foot trailer around concrete curbs and lamp posts, I suddenly felt a giant shadow envelop the truck. Stopping the truck a...