Wreaths Across America 2023 – “Serve And Succeed”

Pam Pollock, Editor
January 2024

CLINTONVILLE, PA…. December 13th was a blustery, cold day as I stood in the parking lot of Kenworth of Pennsylvania in Clintonville, Pennsylvania.  I was awaiting the arrival of Professional Truck Driver Chuck Andrews, Owner-Operator of Harry Ball Trucking of Cleveland, Ohio.  Andrews, a Professional Truck Driver for 38 years, and his adorable dog Lucy, aka Fluffy departed Harrington, Maine on December 10th as part of Wreaths Across America’s Honor Fleet.  700 trucks were hauling  3 million wreaths to be placed on Veterans graves.

A modern day Santa, if you will, instead of a sleigh and eight reindeer, Andrews and Lucy were on a mission to deliver 5,100 wreaths to ten different locations in Pennsylvania and West Virginia in their 2018 Kenworth W900 Glider, “Honorary Icon” and 2012 Utility Trailer.

Waiting to greet Chuck Andrews and Lucy at Kenworth of Pennsylvania was General Manager Wade Calderwood and Committee Members from the Wreaths Across America  - Clintonville Methodist Cemetery Chapter:  Ash Drake, Location Coordinator; Ashley Rayl, Co-Location Coordinator; Penny Graham; Mayor of Clintonville Megan Weber; and helpers Jake Rayl, and Larry McKinley.

Andrews took time from his busy schedule (he had one final stop of the day to deliver more wreaths) to talk about his love of being part of the WAA Honor Fleet.  He explained that he had been involved with WAA for 10 years.  He considers it a “true honor” to deliver the wreaths to adorn the graves of Veterans at his own personal cost – his time, truck, fuel and all expenses are paid out of his own pocket.

2023 marks the 1st year that the Clintonville Methodist Cemetery participated in Wreaths Across America and the dedication and hard work of Committee Members Ash Drake, Ashley Rayl, Penny Graham, Megan Weber, Wanda Jacobs, and Alicia Kindle, along with the generous donations from the community and area businesses resulted in the remarkable feat of having EVERY Veterans grave, 228 to be exact,  in the cemetery having a wreath. This is an incredible accomplishment due to the fact that they only had 3.5 months to fundraise and spread the word to get the wreaths donated.

To quote the Wreaths Across America’s website: “These wreaths symbolize a commitment to Remember and Honor our nation's veterans through the laying of wreaths on the graves of our country's fallen heroes and the act of saying the name of each veteran aloud.”


30 volunteers placed over 200 wreaths at the Clintonville Methodist Cemetery on December 16th.

Penny Graham places a wreath on the grave of  James Vogus, an immigrant from Germany who fought in the American Revolutionary War.

Movin’ Out Editor Pam Pollock places a wreath on the grave of her Great-Uncle Floyd Whitehouse, who served in the U.S. Marine Corp. during World War, and fought in the Battle of Iwo Jima and was present when they raised the flag.