Working Show Truck of the Month

Robert Conrad
March 2016

Working Show Truck Of The Month – R.M. Pacella/ Kevin R. Tomes II

The month of March brings with it the end of another long Winter season. As we move towards Spring, the trees and grass will begin to look green again and a number of construction and building projects will move forward. A number of roads may even get a fresh coat of asphalt to repair the potholes that were created by Winter. R.M. Pacella, based in Plainville, MA, has been a fixture in the construction and paving industry in New England for decades and their fleet of polished, green trucks are a familiar sight on the roads as well as jobsites.

This month we are featuring R.M. Pacella's 2016 Peterbilt 389 and 2015 TrailKing flowboy asphalt dump trailer. This sparkling combo is owned by Richard Pacella and driven by Kevin R. Tomes II. Kevin is the lead driver for R.M. Pacella and has been driving for 7 years. He usually hauls equipment with one of the company's lowbed trailers but he also hauls asphalt with the dump trailer you see in our feature. R.M. Pacella has always taken a great deal of pride in their equipment thru the years and Kevin proudly upholds their tradition by always keeping their Peterbilt looking its best. Polishing the flowboy dump trailer after a number of loads of asphalt was no easy task either but Kevin was up to the challenge!

The truck is still relatively new but already has close to 30,000 miles on it. Power comes from a 550 ISX Cummins engine that's paired with an 18-speed Eaton Fuller transmission and a set of 46k lb. 3:91 rears. Kevin and Richard have added a number of custom features to the truck including an 18" lighted bumper, full stainless fenders, a 52" strobe light bar, LED lights on the breathers, and tinted windows. The interior is cleaner than most living rooms and features a chrome dash kit. Kevin says that even more custom changes are planned for this work truck that already turns heads no matter where it goes!

Kevin has been trucking for 7 years and said that his most memorable experience came on the first day he had his Class A CDL license. He got sent into downtown Boston with a 48' flatbed loaded with bags of cement on pallets. As he got ready to leave, the word was, "So you want to be a big truck driver, well good luck!" Kevin said that he was confident in himself and managed to make the delivery down a tight alley in the heart of the city without any problems. When he returned, everyone at the shop was surprised he did so well on his first trip. Since then, it's been one load after the next, no matter how tight the roads might be. Kevin's dad knew he could do it right from the start and Kevin proved him right! Kevin wanted to thank the entire Pacella family for giving him such a nice truck to drive every day. He also sends a big thanks out to his wife and kids for all of their love & support and being patient with the long work days. Finally, Kevin wanted to thank all his fellow drivers who have helped him become the good driver he is today. One thing's for sure, Richard Pacella and R.M. Pacella take a great deal of pride in their equipment and do each job with class. Lead driver Kevin Tomes goes out of the yard each day looking like he just left the wash bay and he takes pride in keeping his "company truck" looking top notch.

Movin' Out salutes R.M. Pacella and Kevin Tomes for all of their hard work. This is one green Peterbilt that's a fitting choice for the month of March and our Working Show Truck of the month.