What Does It Mean To Be A Best Fleet?

Laura Duryea, Manager of Recruiting and Retention, Boyle Transportation
March 2022

At Boyle Transportation, we have been honored to be recognized as a Best Fleet to Drive For 7 years in a row and as the Overall Best Fleet in the Small Carrier category for the last 2 years in a row. As we prepare for the Best Fleets competition again in 2022, we asked ourselves “What does it mean to be a Best Fleet?” We asked our associates for their input on this question and were pleasantly surprised by their responses.

Many of our associates noted that the program helps us to gauge where we stand in relation to other carriers. With this, comes validation that our programs and processes are working and well received by our professional drivers. As a Best Fleet, we need to consistently support our professional driver teams so they can perform their mission to provide for our customers, which in turn creates our virtuous circle. The virtuous circle starts with supporting our associates. Our professional drivers then serve our customers to the best of their ability. As our customers begin to rely upon this high level of service, they in turn want to continue and increase their business with Boyle Transportation. When our customers reinvest in more business, the company then can support our professional drivers with more resources. Thus, the virtuous circle can continue in a perpetual cycle of support and investment. 

Our culture of constant improvement is highlighted each year in the program. We recognize that we cannot stop improving if we want to stay competitive in the marketplace. One team, working together towards the same goal promotes high levels of community and culture in the workplace. When we work together, we can take pride in belonging to something that is recognized as Best in Class. When we care for our people, our people then care about the company and perform at the highest levels. 

Our professional drivers also recognize our superior culture and have returned some of the following statements in their bi-annual surveys: “Good team atmosphere and a place to retire”, “You’ll love working for Boyle Transportation. The ultimate in work/life balance”, “Boyle is hands down the best place to work for”, and “The company cares for its employees and wants them to succeed”. Having a purpose in their careers is another area where the professional driver can show pride. “We are not doing a mind-numbing job, we are helping people with life-saving medicine and also keeping the military supplied with the equipment they need to ensure our country’s safety”. These quotes are only a few of the comments submitted by the professional drivers in our fleet. Through them, we get a sense of the satisfaction and pride our professional drivers have been part of the Boyle Team. 

Through consistent requests for feedback from professional drivers, providing the tools for that feedback, and then following up with solutions to actionable items, we can continue engagement and improvement within the company on a consistent basis that leads to higher retention rates. Happy professional drivers create a work environment that is unrivaled in the industry and has led to our recognition as Best Fleet Overall for 2 consecutive years and a Best Fleet for 7 years in a row.