Volvo Group Applauds Maryland Clean Trucks Act

June 2023

The Volvo Group congratulated the Maryland legislature and Governor Wes Moore on the signing of the state’s Clean Trucks Act of 2023, which represents a holistic and thoughtful approach to transitioning the state’s medium- and heavy-duty transportation sector to zero emissions vehicles.

 The Volvo Group was pleased to work with lawmakers and other interested stakeholders to provide input that was reflected in the Act.  Consultation with multiple state agencies including the Department of Transportation, the Energy Administration, the Department of General Services and the Public Service Commission will ensure that economic, energy and environmental considerations will be factored into an overarching plan.  

 “Maryland’s decision to assess the impact of accelerating the integration of heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles in the marketplace and identify actions needed to meet the goals of the Advanced Clean Truck regulation’s goals will foster the greatest chance for success,” said Dawn Fenton, Volvo Group vice president – government relations and public affairs.  “This legislation, together with the creation of an incentive program to help offset the early higher costs of these electric vehicles, will help ease the pain for fleets trying to manage the paradigm shift the transportation industry is facing.”

 The Volvo Group shares Maryland’s commitment to the environment, and to the goal of accelerating adoption of zero-emission vehicles in the marketplace.  In 2020, the Volvo Group made a global commitment to having 100% of its product sales be fossil-free by 2040, including a nearer term goal of 35% of product sales being zero-emission by 2030. The realization of these goals will depend on supportive public policies that expedite charging infrastructure availability and provide incentives to offset initially high vehicle and infrastructure costs.