Unc's Fall Brawl

December 2023

THOMPSON, OH… Kuhnle Motorsports Park, located in Thompson, Ohio was the  site of the  Inaugural Unc's Fall Brawl, Ohio's only Quebec-style Uphill, side-by-side semi-truck drag racing event, held on October 4-7.

A Class featured 15 entries at the Inaugural Unc's Fall Brawl, and an impressive group of Canadian and U.S. teams dominated both Loaded and Bobtail action.

Top 5 in Bobtail; 1-Stephen Carano; 2-Maxime Latulippe; 3.-Peter Wagg;  4-Jeff Byrom; 5.-Mike Pazdera

Top 5 in Loaded: 1-Peter Wagg; 2-Maxime Latulippe; 3-Jeff Byrom ; 4-Mike Pazdera; 5-Stephen Carano

B Class featured 11 stout entries at the Inaugural Unc's Fall Brawl. Canada's Nicolas Francoeur made his uphill drag racing debut in the "Orange Crush" Kenworth, formerly owned by Don Grant, while fellow Canadian Maxime Gervais drilled his competition with killer reaction times throughout the weekend. The Bobtail pair of the weekend was Jeffrey O'Rourke over Ray Murphy. That was a great wheel-to-wheel drag race!

Top 5 in Bobtail: 1-Maxime Gervais; 2-Jeffrey O'Rourke;  3-Ray Murphy; 4-Justin Nevius; 5-Nicolas Francoeur 

Top 5 in Loaded: 1-Justin Nevius; 2-Maxime Gervais;  3-Michael Ostetrico; 4- Barclay Stewart; 5-Jonathan Boislard

The Inaugural Unc's Fall Brawl featured over two dozen entries in C Class, and it would be Canadian racers Sylvain Naud and Robert Gervais locking in the top two spots for both Bobtail and Loaded competition.

Top 5 in Bobtail: 1- Robert Gervais; 2-Sylvain Naud; 3-Bill Page; 4-Tyler Gallagher; 5-William Estrada

Top 5 in Loaded: 1-Sylvain Naud;  2-Robert Gervais;  3-Tyler Dieringer; 4- Alain Dallaire; 5- Donald Fitcher

C Mechanical Class featured nine entries during the Inaugural Unc's Fall Brawl. A record number of practice runs by Gavin Green and Melvin Classen resulted in several broken drive shafts between the two during the event, and in the end, it would be these mighty trucks and drivers who earned the Top 3 Finishes in Bobtail and Loaded competition.

Bobtail: 1st Place-Alex Carano; 2nd Place-Robert Gervais; 3rd Place- Ted Ellis

Loaded: 1st Place- Ted Ellis; 2nd Place-Alex Carano; 3rd Place-Steven Householder

The Inaugural Unc's Fall Brawl featured the addition of Loaded Diesel Pickup Truck, which had 18 entries!

The Top 3 Finishers were 1st-Dale McConnell;  2nd-Jimmy Hawn;  3rd- Guy Fleming

Free For All Bobtail: 1-Peter Wagg; 2-Maxime Latulippe; 3-Stephen Carano

A Sunday Grudge Match was held between Jessica Ranta in her electric Ford 150 Lightning against eventual A Class Bobtail Winner, Stephen Carano in his wicked-fast 1998 Kenworth W900! Impressive drag race to say the least!

Mark your calendars for June 21-23, 2024, for the  Kuhnle Motor Sports Canadian Style Truck Uphill Racing event at Kuhnle Motorsports Park. For more info, go to www.kuhnlemotorsports.com