TSTL, Inc./Tri-State Trailer Sales Adds Safety Feature for Their Rental & Leasing Fleet

Steve Pollock
April 2024

PITTSBURGH, PA….TSTL, Inc./Tri-State Trailer Sales is pleased to announce they are adding loose lug nut indicators to all their Rental and Leasing trailers, see picture below. A service unique to TSTL'S Rental and Leasing fleet, the devices enhance convenience and safety for their customers.  Drivers will be able to know at a glance if one of your lug nuts has loosened or moved.  The loose lug nut indicators also help reduce pre-trip inspection time and save the trailer from potential wheel end damage. Lug nut Indicators are available at Tri-State locations. $0.65 ea.

  TSTL, Inc./Tri-State Trailer Sales owns and operates 4-full-service trailer dealerships in Pittsburgh, PA; Lancaster, PA; Hubbard, OH; and Cincinnati, OH. They offer a variety of Flatbeds, Specialized Heavy haul, Vans, Reefers, and Tank trailer. Tri-State provides New & Used Sales, Service, and Parts support for all. Call 412-747-7777 for trailer information or 412-446-3800 for Rental and Leasing information.