Truth in Advertising or Bait and Switch

August 2023

Too many times professional drivers are frustrated by their interactions with prospective companies due to what they believe is bait and switch. Many drivers report hearing one thing from the recruiter and once they accept the job offer and are in orientation, they are told a completely different story. This could happen even with pay/cents per mile, expectations of work, home time accruals, type of equipment used, or any number of other topics. It behooves companies to practice in this manner because it leads to turnover and lost costs for travel, orientation, and loss of utilization. 

Most drivers just want honesty and clear expectations. Having open and honest communication allows both parties to reach their goals of on-time deliveries, happy drivers, and reduced turnover. Knowing that, how does a driver go about the challenge of selecting a company that will suit their needs?

Ask questions. Have a clear idea of what you want in a company. How often do you want to be home? What kind of equipment do you want to drive? How many miles do you want to drive per week? Are you solo or team? Does the recruiter know the answer to all of your questions? Are they willing to get the answers for you? What is the company’s policy on driving in winter conditions? What is the company’s turnover rate? Will they provide answers to your questions in writing? The more you know about your future company and the way they operate, the easier it will be to make an informed decision. Talk to professional drivers in the company you may see while on the road. Read the reviews and make your own conclusions about the company by doing your own research. Gathering all of this critical information can allow you to make a good decision and reduce the possibility of having to look for another company.  

At Boyle Transportation, transparency is really important in the whole process from the first phone call through the life of the professional driver. We are fortunate to have many happy and satisfied drivers within our fleet and work every day to make their lives and job easier. I am not saying our drivers live on Easy Street, but most days are good days and they just keep on trucking. Check us out at or call the recruiter today at 978-670-3427.