Towing Community Mourns Passing of Buzzy Utsinger

March 2021

YOUNGSTOWN, OH… The fraternity of towing companies in Youngstown, Ohio mourns the passing of one of their own, Arthur “Buzzy” Utsinger, who died suddenly on Friday, January 22nd at the age of 58.  The towing community is a tight-knit group that helps one another as the need arises and Buzzy always answered the call when needed.  He was lifelong friends with Nick LaNeve, owner of A&M Towing in Girard, Ohio and the late Patrick Herring of Herring Motors in Somerset, PA.  Buzzy was known to everyone in the towing business in the Youngstown, Ohio area.

Buzzy owned and operated Utsinger Towing located at 4747 South Ave. for 40 years.  The company was founded by his father, Arlie Utsinger.  Buzzy loved racing but his biggest passion was towing, and in particular, tow trucks.  He took meticulous care of all of his vehicles but was extremely passionate about his tow trucks.  They were always kept in excellent working condition and were amazingly clean, no matter how old they were or how much use they saw.

Buzzy Utsinger was a lifelong resident of Youngstown, Ohio and those who knew him can attest to his kind heart and willingness to help people.  In a fitting tribute to a lifelong Towman, Buzzy’s casket was placed on one of his flatbed tow trucks at his South Avenue Shop for friends and family to pay their respects, either in person or by a simple honk of their horn passing by.  His funeral procession consisted of tow trucks throughout the Youngstown area that escorted him to his final resting place.

Buzzy Utsinger is survived by his wife Mary, stepdaughters Ashley and Lara, biological son Charlie, and his shelter dogs Lilly, Daisy and Shawn.

Rest in peace, Buzzy.  If anyone in heaven needs a tow, we know you will be there to help.