Tim Black Announces Retirement From R&J Trucking

Steve Pollock
March 2024

BOARDMAN, OH… Tim Black, Director of Maintenance at R&J Trucking, a subsidiary of American Bulk Commodities, announced his retirement after 46 years at the company.

American Bulk Commodities President Mark Carrocce had this to say about Tim.  “Tim has been a valued part of our team for 46 years.  He started working for my father through his high school work program when he was 17 years old.  I certainly remember working in the shop with Tim as teenagers.  Tim has always been one of the hardest and most dedicated workers this company has ever had.  His hard work and knowledge permitted him to work his way up the chain to eventually become our Director of Maintenance.  Tim is like family and he will be missed very much by everyone.”

When Tim started at R&J Trucking, he repaired tires.  At the time, the company had 33 trucks.  Tim spent 14 years as a mechanic, eventually becoming Shop Manager and then Director of Maintenance, overseeing operations for 17 maintenance facilities owned by American Bulk Commodities and its subsidiaries: R&J Trucking, John Brown Trucking, Southern Haulers, and DSI Bulk Transport. 

Among Tim’s duties were spec’ing trucks and trailers for the company’s fleet of 750 power units and 2,000 trailers.  It was a large task and as Tim stated, “Since 2007 the maintenance on tractors has increased 200% largely due to the new emissions systems.”

When asked about his longevity at R&J Trucking, Tim said, “I liked growing with the company and working for the Carrocce family.  I never had the desire to change jobs.”

Tim resides in the New Springfield, Ohio area with his wife of 40 years, Donna.  Both of their sons, Ben and Frank, have worked at R&J Trucking and Ben is moving into the position of Director of Maintenance for the company’s trailers.  Tim plans to spent time working In his shop where he enjoys metal fabrication work, antique tractors, and some woodworking.  He said that he and Donna plan to do some traveling as well.  Best of luck to Tim on his retirement!