The Road of Least Resistance

Ron Fraser, Transport for Christ President
November 2023

From The Chaplain’s Desk

It is common for people to take the easy way, the path of least resistance. They allow themselves to be blown along with the prevailing cultural wind, whether in fashion, sports, art, music, politics, or sadly, ethics and morals. Taking no thought to their course or direction, they follow

We have been called to come out of this world. God wants us to find a course contrary to the prevailing and normal way of life that seems right to those in the world. The prevailing winds of this Satan-inspired world sweep millions along in its intense velocity. It is beating against us all the time, and the struggle to resist is wearying. Out of sheer exhaustion, some give in to these winds and conform to their whispered suggestions. It is especially easy to succumb to them when surrounded by peers, employers, friends, and neighbors who want us to follow them and their way of thinking. It is just far less stressful to go along.

The force that is in the world—dominant, popular, and widespread—is contrary to God. If we desire to obey God, we must face it and overcome it, having enough strength to endure its ceaseless, insistent pressure to return to its easy lifestyle.

However, we are not to conform to the course that the world takes. Instead, we are to set our GPS to follow a different route, obeying God and rejecting the popular trends of this world when they disregard His way of life. This means that we must take the time to consider and decide where we want to end up. What is our final destination to be? Where do we call home? Then, we have to learn to make right choices so that we will one day arrive there. The first being to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior.

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