​The Proud Professionals of PGT Trucking Honored

Steve Pollock
July 2019

INDUSTRY, PA…. The Proud Professional Drivers of PGT Trucking were recently honored at a banquet held in their honor at The Willows in Industry, Million Mile and Safe Driver Celebration was well attended by PGT professional drivers and their families. The event included a buffet dinner and speech by nationally recognized speaker David Coleman. The invocation was provided by PGT Chaplain, Sid Bream.

CEO Pat Gallagher had this message for the PGT drivers, “We value and support our Million Milers and Safe Drivers. We are encouraged and excited by their professionalism and attitude. A warm thanks and God Bless! The things that are really important are faith and family. We are in the people business and our drivers represent the entire company. PGT has been blessed with many great drivers and people who work for the company. To everyone who works at PGT Trucking, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

President Gregg Troian stated, “My personal thank-you to all veteran Million Milers and a big welcome to all new Million Milers. The Million Mile Drivers represent a very exclusive group of professional truck drivers. Exclusive, since the accomplishment includes a mix of hard work, constant attentiveness, pride, loyalty and commitment. It is an honor to have them wear the PGT Proud Professional badge.”

In all, 190 professional truck drivers were recognized by PGT Trucking, with a collective 38 million safe miles driven. The following PGT Trucking professional truck drivers were honored:

2018 New Million Mile Drivers: Peggy Glidewell, David Haynes, Tony Sheehan

2018 Drivers with Over One Million Miles Driven Without A Preventable Accident:

Over One Million Miles Driven: Ricky Bahnsen, Ralph Benson, David Bilbo, Herman Blacker, Terry Blankenship, Donald Bowman, Isaac Cannon, Tim Cubbon, Larry Dworek, Jr., Ronnie Flynn, Patrick Foley, Rodney Freeman, James Gallatin, Kevin Gaut, Peggy Glidewell, David Gross, Tony Hartman, Jerry Henry, John Jenkins, Eric Kirkland, Stanley Kozlowski, Larry Leupp, Joseph Lowe, Craig Martin, Michael Martin, Jerry Mathes, Frankie Medina, Sr., Ralph Metz, Jr., Carl Minehart, David Moore, Steven Moreland, Larry Morini, Jr., Danny Richey, Rodney Russell, James Savant, Daniel Shea, George Shea, Michael Smith, Richard Snedeker, Jr., David Stokes, Daniel Sullivan, Jeffrey Townsend, Earl Williams

Over Two Million Miles Driven: Clifford Bobian, Rick Franklin, Kenneth Montgomery, Dewey Richey, Carl Wilkerson, Jr.

Over Three Million Miles Driven: Douglas Brayshaw, William Dickerson, Randy Kelly, Thermond Redden

Over Four Million Miles Driven: Glenn Gray, James Haas

2018 New Safe Drivers: Noor Ali, Jr., Willie Blakney, Richard Blinkiewicz, George Bowling, Howard Buck, Richard Csehy, Jr., Mirko Culic, Dennis Edwards, Craig Gallagher, Scott Gorby, John Grau, Richard Harding, Thomas Hay, James Heine, Joseph Horner, Russell James, William Jones, Jonathan Leiner, Ricky Lewis, Bryant Mathes, Ken McKinney, Santos Merino, John Nussbaum, Mirsad Okanovic, Douglas Pitts, Daniel Powers, Kenneth Ray, William Redding, Theodore Rzepski, Daniel Seaman, Michael Silvis, Daniel Suer, Darrell Thomas, Pete Troutman, Douglas Vanzile, Juan Velasquez, Donald Vest, Peter Wallis

2018 Drivers with More Than 5 Years Or Less Than One Million Miles Driven Without a Preventable Accident:

Six Years: Todd Bartlett, Chad Boettner, Daniel Broadwater, Ricky Cardwell, Llazar Cina, Johnny Claros-Herrera, Kevin Graves, James Harr, Jr., David Litzas, Donald Maxon, Charles McMullen, Thermon Phillips, III, Michael Rainier, Farell Roberts, Richard Sherrick, Rene Tello, William Tucker, Michael Williams

Seven Years: Keith Ackerman, Susan Bailing, Mark Barr, Jerry Bennett, Carlos Blandon-Espinoza, Charles Blosser, Frank Brown, Donald Cunningham, Jr., Darryl Davis, Shawn Frazier, Jay Jamrozy, Oral Jones, Rodney Kenneybrew, James Kingree, James Lindsay, Jose Loera, David Lund, Ronald Mack, Donald Marker, Dale Martin, Michael McCoy, Claude McFadden, Steen Michener, Marcelino Rivera, Jr., William Sizemore, Alan Skroski, Kevin Sykes, Ross Tindall, Jonathan Tipton, Robert Tudor, Andrew Utz, Ruben Villatoro, Michael Wheeler, Gregg Williams, Allen Wyant, Haddis Yemaneab

Eight Years: Enes Alagic, Martin Alicea, Richard Bailey, Russell Boggs, George Braun, John Burton, Anthony Chatman, Kenneth Curtis, Raul Delgado, Scott Gordon, Tim Hearn, Clifford Heaton, Matthew Kroft, George Lapp, Garry Littlepage, Jr., Craig Marple, Dave Milligan, David Morrow, Vaughn Neal, John Nichol, Scott Roethemeier, Rufus Thacker, Robert Uskurait, Michael Vevers

Nine Years: Mark Amezcua, Timothy Austen, Ronald Cane, Richard Davenport, Baron Gochenour, Gary Hall, Michael Lee, Fabian Martin, Joshua Matea, Javier Pulido

Ten Years: Jesus Flores, Marvin Tincher

Eleven Years: Richard Horstman, William Luketic, Jr., George Smith

Twelve Years: Michael Stall

Sixteen Years: Gerald Ricker

Additionally, other awards were presented, including:

•David Levin Award for Outstanding Company Driver – Rick Franklin

•Harry “Buster” Barnes Award for Outstanding Independent Contractor – Steven Dowler

•Rookie Driver of the Year – Gwendolyn Campbell

•Bill Wright Award for New Employees or PGT Team Player Exhibiting Loyalty and Trustworthiness– Natalie Young

•Hobert Hill Award for Agents Who Exceed the Company’s Expectations – Mike Rowley

•Safety Manager of the Year Alan Harff

•PGT Trucking MVP of the Year – Cindi Janicki

•The President’s Award – Bill Hershey

• Grand Prize Raffle Winner of a new Ford Escape Titanium

Four Million Mile Driver Glenn Gray, Jr.

In addition, corporate employees Natalie Young and Jennifer Kopp were recognized with the Excellence in Safety Award in Quarters 3 and 4 2018 for demonstrating extraordinary excellence in safety.

Alan Harff was recognized as the recipient of the 2019 National Safety Council’s Rising Star of Safety.

PGT Trucking was also honored as a company for the most improved safety by a carrier in 2018 by the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association.

The entire staff at PGT Trucking says, “Thanks a MILLION” to all of their million mile and safe drivers. Their professionalism, dedication and integrity go miles and miles beyond the ordinary. These individuals set the standard of excellence for all members of Team PGT. PGT Trucking has the highest regard and respect for each and every driver.


PGT Trucking CEO Pat Gallagher, pictured far left and President Gregg Troian, pictured far right, with some of the many Proud Professional Million Mile Safe Drivers at PGT Trucking.

PGT Trucking’s Rookie Driver of the Year Gwendolyn Campbell receives her award from CEO Pat Gallagher.

L to R: PGT Trucking CEO Pat Gallagher with first time Million Miler Tony Sheehan and PGT President Gregg Troian.