The First and Last LoneStar Daycabs – 15 Years Between

Steve Pollock
May 2024

NEW SPRINGFIELD, OH… 15 years ago I had the pleasure of covering Ed Wilson and Son Trucking receiving the very first International LoneStar Daycab to roll off the assembly line.  The truck was purchased by Hill International in East Liverpool, Ohio. 

I took this photo of Ed Wilson and his grandson Robby, who was 3 years old at the time, on the step of the first ever 2010 LoneStar Daycab.

Here is a photo of Ed and Robby in 2024, 15 years later with the last ever LoneStar Daycab to be built.  Robby is now 18 years old and is attending Geneva College.  Ed also has the distinction of owning the 1,000th Trailstar International trailer built.