Ten Things I Dislike About You…(Aka Pam’s Airing Of  The Grievances…)

Pam Pollock
July 2024

Disclaimer:  The “You” in the above title is just a vague “You”, it’s really not about “You” unless of course “You” do the things I dislike…

So, yeah – it’s been a couple of weeks of bad traveling and life experiences and to be frank, this little old Gaga is feeling pretty darn frustrated, tired, and very cranky.  When I get irritable (and yes, this occurs more often than I care to admit), my temper fuse gets shortened dramatically.  I am not the type of person to “hold it all in” – oh no, I just let ‘er rip and air my grievances and let EVERYONE know how I am feeling.

In no particular order are the Top Ten Things That Are Presently Annoying Pam.

#1 Updates to anything electronic.  I’m talking cellphone updates, computer updates – oh UPS, I am looking at you because you always shut down my system and insist on doing at least 5 software updates just as I am about to click that
End of Day processing button.  I am still bitter over losing the first ever  Mac Word Document program from the 1990s.  That software was so easy to use and navigate.  And then poof!  It’s gone and I have been pulling my hair out ever since whenever there’s a new update.

Just recently there’s been a stupid update whenever I go to name my story and photo files.  I always name the files and images in all caps, because I like it that way.  And now I have to jump through hoops to continue to name the files this way.  And earlier this week, my printer refused to print any PDFs for two days and then suddenly had a change of heart and started spewing them out the tray. Jagoff…

#2 People who are, pardon my French, dicks.  You know who I am talking about – the people who take two or three spaces for their car in the parking lot.  The ones who leave their shopping cart sideways in the grocery store and they are 5 aisles away grabbing something else.  The person who tries to cut in front of you at the store, the airport, the movie theater.  The unfriendly, surly people who won’t make eye contact with you when you are sitting beside them on the airplane for hours.

#3 The Yee-haw good old boys who rip up and down my little country road all hours of the day or night – some in cars, some in loud pick-ups, others in motorcycles and ATVs and probably even a stick pony, who knows. 

#4 Politicians and News Channel and Talk Show Hosts– ‘nuff said…

#5 Ungrateful people who just want more, more, more and give back nothing, nothing, nothing.

#6 Air Travel – I don’t even know where to start with this one.  Let’s just say that I am still traumatized 2 weeks later from sitting on the same airplane for 13 HOURS on 3 different tarmacs for a flight that was supposed to be less than 2.5 hours.  13 HOURS, folks and we only got a pack of pretzels and were offered ¼ cup of water after 10 hours of being stuck on the plane.

#7 Hotels that put huge mirrors everywhere.  Yinz triggered me when I caught a glimpse of myself. But I still ate that piece of pecan pie from the Texas Barbecue Restaurant.  Dang you, dang you all!

#8 Scam telemarketers.  May you all rot in you-know-where.

#9 Shrinkflation – the bags and tubes and packaging keeps getting smaller and smaller (and inflated with air) but the prices keep rising and rising. 

#10 The pigs that throw out litter and garbage and beer bottles and cans in our ditch and woods.  The thing that truly set me over the edge?  My husband spent hours back in April cleaning up other’s people filth.  We picked up and disposed of 35 gallons of trash just from our land.  And we live on a little country road that is 1 mile long.  Some yokels really, really, really like Twisted Tea and Miller Light beer.  And also like to pee in pop bottles and toss those out as well.  It’s not just in front of our house – it’s like that ¾ of the way up the road! Asshats! Jagoffs!  Jerks!

I can’t be the only person to air their grievances publicly.  So tell me, what chaps your hiney?