TDI Repair and Towing – Complete Services For Heavy Duty Trucks

Steve Pollock
March 2023

SWANTON, VT… TDI Repair and Towing is Northern Vermont’s largest auto and truck towing, roadside repair, collision repairs, and recovery provider.  Located at 50 Babbie Blvd. in Swanton, Vermont, TDI Repair and Towing operates primarily along I-89 & I-87. We are a family operated business owned by Herbert and Lynn Bartemy alongside their two sons Adam and Aaron as well as their daughter Ellen.

The company offers heavy-duty towing and recovery for tractor/trailers in addition to repairs and fabrication for Truck and trailer.  TDI also does equipment hauling and complete commercial truck load services, including scale and point-of-entry service.  There is a great selection of tires from Double Coin, Goodyear, BF Goodrich, Michelin, and Toyo.

Other services include AlumiTank Fuel Tanks, Air Weigh Systems, and Torque Parts.  ASB certified technicians are on duty to perform all types of diesel engine repairs, heavy truck service and even Regen services.  PM service for all makes of trucks and trailers is also available.  TDI can also service your RV or passenger vehicle.

TDI Repair and Towing is affiliated with the following service providers: NTTS National Truck and Trailer; Truck Down; Truck Pride; PTP Stops; AAA; Cross Country Road Assistance; WreckMaster Operator Training; Towing and Recovery Association of America; and the Vermont Towing Association.

Most money and credit services are accepted.  Call 802-868-5270 for assistance or any questions.  TDI Repair and Towing was recognized as the Swanton Chamber of Commerce 2022 Citizen Business of the Year.


From left to right: Adam Bartemy, Lynn Bartemy, Herbert Bartemy, Ellen Bartemy, Aaron Bartemy