TDDS Technical Institute School of Transportation Careers Closes Its Doors

August 2021

Dear Friends of TDDS,

After serving the transportation and education community for over 48 years, TDDS Technical Institute’s School of Transportation Careers has suspended all training operations. 

Since 1973, TDDS Tech has prided itself on providing the highest-quality truck driver and diesel technician educations available in the transportation industry. Owner/CEO Rick Rathburn, Jr. says, “We are so proud of the thousands of people from the Mahoning Valley, Midwest as well as from across the country, that we have been privileged to educate and guide into well-paying, secure careers to take care of their families, while along the way, earning the respect of many in and outside of the trucking business.”

He continues, “We consider our graduates entering either career path as heroes to our country and representative ambassadors of TDDS Tech for years to come. These men and women continue to deliver all the necessities of our everyday lives with little recognition…. Food, medical supplies, clothing, building and raw materials, automobiles, gasoline including the all-to-important toilet paper are brought to you by these dedicated drivers without question, not to mention the awesome heavy-duty truck technicians that keep these drivers moving up and down the road.”

TDDS Tech closing affected 31 employees of the Mahoning Valley. Last year, this smalltown business injected almost $1.2 million in payroll, taxes and benefits, which in turn was primarily spent in our local area. While the school spent another $1.1 million dollars last year for goods and services provided by local businesses to service the school and its students.

Although training activities have been suspended, the nationally accredited postsecondary learning facility is actively looking for a buyer from the educational or transportation communities. If not successful in that arena, the school campus/terminal and equipment will be sold.

Rick Rathburn, Jr.