Shell Rotella® Understands The Road To Recovery

August 2021

Houston, TX … Shell Rotella®, the market-leading heavy duty diesel engine oil in North America, is excited to announce the launch of The Road to Recovery campaign which is rooted in championing the virtue of hard work. The program seeks to create opportunities out of change for people who drive trucks and operate heavy duty equipment on- and off-highway. Shell Rotella understands that on this journey hard work is a way of life for many. Through this campaign, the brand will celebrate and recognize those who are committed to getting the job done even in difficult circumstances.   

Essential workers in transportation, construction and agriculture have taken their hard work down many roads, and now Shell Rotella wants to honor those embarking on the most important ‘road.’ Through the three pillars of go safely, go further and get savings, the campaign will support those who are living this commitment to hard work.   

“As the industry, and North America, continue to navigate unprecedented times, hardworking men and women have been instrumental in driving us forward,” said Annie Peter, North American Brand Manager for Shell Rotella. “Shell Rotella is proud to introduce The Road to Recovery campaign to put the spotlight on hardworking individuals, acting selflessly day in and day out by showcasing the resilience they have demonstrated in the face of uncertainty.” 

The Road to Recovery is the next evolution of the Shell Rotella What Matters Is Inside campaign which focused on the lives and importance of drivers and equipment operators. To bring this campaign to life, Shell Rotella has enlisted influencers across trucking, construction and agriculture to share their own stories of how they are driving The Road to Recovery to help them go safely, go further, and get savings. Shell Rotella will also be calling on the community of hardworking individuals to collect similar stories sharing their experiences on The Road to Recovery. 

For fans to share their story of how they are driving The Road to Recovery, visit

In 2021, Shell Rotella will be helping drivers go safely, go further and get savings through multiple touchpoints throughout The Road to Recovery campaign:

• Go Safely Program with OOIDA: Shell Rotella has partnered with Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) to create the Go Safely award which highlights a hardworking truck driver that is dedicated to keeping themselves and others safe.

• Go Further on the Road: Shell Rotella full synthetic and synthetic blend engine oils provide engine protection, durability and performance in extreme operating conditions and temperatures for trucks and equipment. To learn more about Shell Rotella synthetic oils, visit

• Savings with Synthetics: Shell Rotella offers a number of ways to save on their synthetic heavy-duty engine oils through coupons, rebates and sweepstakes throughout the year. To find where to purchase Shell Rotella near you, visit 

• Social Media: Shell Rotella influencers will be sharing their own stories about their work and travels and how they are driving The Road to Recovery throughout the year. Keep an eye on the Shell Rotella social channels for updates as the brand spotlights and shares these stories. Follow Shell Rotella on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

• Brand Events and Activations: Shell Rotella will be integrating The Road to Recovery during key brand and industry moments in 2021 including the 39th Annual Shell Rotella SuperRigs®, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and National Farmer’s Day.

Shell Rotella is committed to supporting hard working drivers that help make sure vital goods are delivered and that industries such as construction and agriculture are recognized. The Road to Recovery seeks to champion the importance of hardworking people conducting vital work that helps keep North America moving forward.

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