Secure Your Trailer With SnatchLatch

Steve Pollock
July 2024

FLOWER MOUND, TX…  Musician Jerre Santini from Austin, Texas got tired of his trailer being broken into as he traveled to performances around the country.  Fed up with thieves, he came up with the idea for a device that would prevent people from easily cutting his lock or latch hasp to steal his expensive equipment.  It worked so well that folks soon started asking to buy them and SnatchLatch was born. 

When he retired, Jerre sold the SnatchLatch rights to the contract manufacturer that had built the device for him for 10 years.  Until recently, the patented SnatchLatch was primarily used by landscapers and contractors to secure their utility trailers and shipping containers.  SnatchLatch is now available to the trucking industry for semi-trailers.  Applications include dry vans and reefers, shipping containers, Conex containers, horse trailers, storage, and sea containers. There are models for swing doors, container doors and roll-up doors with Whiting latches. 

Utilizing a simple design, SnatchLatch installs in seconds, covering your entire lock and latch assembly with a steel casing that is bullet proof against bolt cutters, pry bars, drills and also provides a formidable defense against saws and grinders.  SnatchLatch is now commonly used to protect shipping containers loaded on railcars to protect valuable cargo.  The roll-up door model works on Whiting brand roll-up door latches and is ideal for U-Haul trucks and many U-Haul trailers.  SnatchLatch accommodates almost all cam bar swing arm trailers.  It is the new standard for trailer door security.  The SNL 1 model works on semi-trailers, utility trailers and livestock trailers while the SNL 2 model was specifically developed for use on Shipping Containers.

SnatchLatch, LLC has plans in the works to launch additional innovative security products this year. One of the new products slated for release is designed for bumper pull trailers and covers the entire trailer tongue preventing theft of the whole trailer.  Another new product coming to market soon is the “Seal Guard” that covers a semi-trailer or container door seal and locks it at the same time.  It covers the seal and hasp using a puck style lock to secure the trailer doors.  The company also plans to develop trailer coupler guards for fifth wheel and goose neck style trailers in the future.

Don’t be victimized! Thieves don’t stand a chance with SnatchLatch!

You can purchase SnatchLatch from Amazon or the company’s website – or by calling 214-514-1383.