Safety Systems - Helpful Tools Or Nanny Cams?

October 2023

Many drivers question their companies when they start to install cameras in their trucks. They feel it is an invasion of privacy, that the company doesn’t trust them to operate their vehicle safely, or that the company wants to watch their every move. 

The goal of many companies is to reduce litigation costs by being able to provide video evidence of an incident sometimes immediately after the incident occurs. Technology and AI has allowed companies to protect the professional driver’s record in many cases so officers on the scene have all the information they need to determine the cause of the accident. This not only benefits the company, but also prevents the driver from being involved in frivolous lawsuits. 

What do camera systems and AI embedded technology capture? They can identify when a driver exhibits behaviors that may lead to future crashes. Incredible, right? Unbelievable to most drivers, but it is true. Professional drivers who follow too close, exceed speed for conditions, continuously push the truck over the speed limit, take turns too fast (think roll stability), or are distracted while driving are at a higher risk of having an accident. The data that has been collected over the years supports this. 

Professional Drivers who value safety should not dismiss the data and the possibility of ways to improve their driving. As professional drivers, (I drove for 25 years) we should always embrace a constant learning approach to driving and our professional careers. We should always question whether we are becoming complacent. The drivers with the most accidents have traditionally been those with less than 1 year of driving experience and those with more than 5 years of driving experience. Why is that? It is obvious that with newer drivers they are still figuring out how to turn, when to turn, and the size of their vehicle. With those drivers that have over 5 years of experience, it comes down to complacency. If you are in that category, do you check your right west coast mirror before merging into the right turn lane? Trainers completing ride alongs have remarked that those with the most experience become complacent about some of the most important aspects of safe driving. 

Professional drivers who value safety, you should welcome feedback about your driving even if it does come from a computer program. Attention to detail, watching your following distance, and keeping your speed in check can provide you with the space, visibility, and time to act when the traffic around you changes erratically. As professional drivers, we can accept this feedback to improve our driving or continue unsafe driving habits that could lead to bad situations in the future. 

At Boyle Transportation, we utilize a full suite of Safety systems and use coaching to help our drivers capitalize on their strengths, and identify weaknesses so that they are positioned for success! If you are interested in teaming, you can visit or call a recruiter today at 978-670-3427.  Stay safe out there.