Rollin’ Up In Style

Pam Pollock
November 2021

High school students Logan King and Faith Jones of  Southwestern Pennsylvania sure know how to make an entrance! Logan surprised his girlfriend Faith with the ultimate ride to their Homecoming Dance!

Logan’s parents, Amber and Josh King are the owners of K&M Septic Tank Cleaning.  Amber is also the Secretary for the Northwest Truck & Tractor Pullers. Amber said that Faith comes to many of the pull events and her favorite truck is this gorgeous 2006 International 9900ix, owned by Matt Coulter, owner-operator of M.J. Coulter Trucking of Pulaski, Pennsylvania. The truck is powered by a Cummins ISX, 18 speed transmission.

Logan wanted to make their Homecoming date special. Logan asked Matt if he would surprise Faith by driving them to the dance in his Big Rig.  Matt thought it was a great idea and immediately agreed and plans were made by Logan, Matt and both sets of parents to give Faith a night to remember for the rest of her life.  Faith’s parents took the young couple to dinner at a restaurant and afterwards, as they were leaving, Faith was surprised (and thrilled!) to see Matt roll up in his truck to take them to the dance.

Logan and Faith danced the night away.  When asked what she thought about Logan’s surprise, Faith replied, “It was the best night of my life!”