Roll On 18 Wheeler - 2022 Wheel Jam Truck Show A Smashing Success!

Pam Pollock
July 2022

HURON, SD…  Wheel Jam Truck Show promoters 18 Wheel Truck Promotions, LLC exclaimed at the conclusion of the 2022 show, “This was the best show to date! This year was absolutely amazing!!! I guess Wheel Jam Truck Show ages like a fine wine!”

Magnificent steads of steel made the trek to the South Dakota State Fairgrounds in Huron, South Dakota for the annual truck show on June 2-5, 2022.

Wheel Jam Truck Show is truly for the entire family!  The show is open to Semi-trucks, Classic Cars, Motorcycles, all competing for coveted trophies.  They also host a Dynamic Engine Brake Competition.  Classic Rock Bands blasted some awesome tunes for the crowds.  The Original South Dakota BBQ Championship was also held at the South Dakota State Fairgrounds during the show.

One of the highlights of the Wheel Jam Truck Show is always the Parade of Semis through downtown Huron.  Hundreds of spectators line the streets as the trucks drive through the town.  Children (and some adults) eagerly pump their arms in the hope that drivers will give a blast of their horn.

Winners at the 2022 Wheel Jam Truck Show:

Tractor/Trailer: 1973-Older: 1st: Dennis Eschen; 2nd: Diane Eschen

Tractor/Trailer: 1974-1984: 1st: Larry Olsen; 2nd: Jay Kirschmann

Tractor/Trailer: 1985-1995: 1st: Jason Delabbre; 2nd: Chad Anding

Tractor/Trailer: 1996-2006: 1st: Riley Leber; 2nd: Steve Anderson

Tractor/Trailer: 2007-2014: 1st: Adam Moore; 2nd: Roger Kirschmann

Tractor/Trailer: 2015-2018: 1st: Dillion VanDyke; 2nd: Oren Soward

Tractor/Trailer: 2019-2021: 1st: PJ Brink; 2nd: Jerry Kleinsasser

Tractor/Trailer: 2022-2023: 1st: Jeff Stibb/Roane Trans.

Tractor/Trailer: Show Truck: 1st: Michael Manuel

Bobtail: 1973-Older:1st: Roger Kirschmann

Bobtail: 1974-1984: 1st: Nick Weber; 2nd: Roger Kirschmann

Bobtail: 1985-1995: 1st: David  Buffington; 2nd: Brendon Wilson

Bobtail: 1996-2006: 1st: Duane Anwiler, 2nd: Josh Meyer

Bobtail: 2007-2014: 1st: Dylan Ruzer; 2nd: Dylan Fehrman

Bobtail: 2015-2018: 1st: David McGaugh; 2nd: Kully Rawstern

Bobtail: 2019-2021: 1st: Dwight Soyars; Ricky Fischer

Bobtail: 2022-2023: 1st: Ray Taylor; 2nd: Darren Friedrichson

Bobtail: Show Truck: 1st: Kary Bryce; 2nd: Wayne Holt

Best Grain Hopper Tractor/Trailer: Riley Leber

Best Van Reefer Tractor/Trailer: Jason Delabarre

Best Tanker Tractor/Trailer: Ben Overton

Show & Shine: 1st: Habeck Trucking, Inc.; 2nd: Taylor Buchholz; 3rd: Nick Weber; 4th: Mark Horejsl; 5th: Kary Bryce; 6th: Jerry Kleinsasser; 7th: Levi Fawcett; 8th: Michael Manuel; 9th: Patrick Breen; 10th: Kunkle Trucking

Lifetime Achievement Award: Von Denning

Legacy Award: Rich Barnes

Rick Marone Memorial Trophy: Jason Steele

The working crew at 18 Wheel Truck Promotions, LLC is already making plans and shifting gears for the 2023 Wheel Jam Truck Show.  Keep checking Movin’ Out’s Calendar of Events for the dates.  You can also visit

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