Put Money Back In Your Pocket With Switchblade® Turbo

June 2024

BAXTER SPRINGS, KS…. Jim Blaylock, owner of Blaylock Turbochargers, has been rebuilding turbos for 43 years.  Jim was rebuilding turbos for customers in Joplin, Missouri and then began repairing turbos and turbo components for other rebuilders.  One day, as Jim took an air gun to a turbine wheel he noticed as he varied the angle of the air gun, the turbine responded differently and the Switchblade® Turbocharger was born.

By changing the angle of the exhaust feed by using an internal vane that opens by boost pressure, the exhaust housing of the Switchblade® Turbocharger stays closed until it hits 10-12 pounds of boost.  At that point, the vane then opens for full boost. The result is more boost pressure than back pressure at full boost, keeping the turbine wheel at optimum speed, quick spool up at take-off, and great power on the upper end. By changing the angle of the exhaust feed, using a larger turbo housing, and adding the vane, only one additional part was added to Jim Blaylock’s simple design. The Switchblade® Turbo eliminates turbo lag, provides quick low end torque, better horsepower, resulting in improved fuel economy.  In fact, many customers report increases of 1-2 mpg. 

The Switchblade®’s unique design is patented in the USA, Canada and the E.U. Switchblade® President Dan McClave stated, “We are proud to offer a full 1 year warranty on the Switchblade® Turbocharger, which is made right here in America in our Baxter Springs, Kansas manufacturing facility.  Our customers not only experience a performance improvement in their equipment – but fuel economy gains as well.  The Switchblade is an investment, not a cost.”  Here’s what one of their satisfied customers had to say about Switchblade® Turbos:

Otto Hildebrandt, Owner of Bloom Recyclers: “The truck has never run better! I installed a Switchblade® on my ’93 Peterbilt with a 3406B CAT Engine and now I'm getting 5.9 mpg compared to 4.1. I'm saving thousands of dollars annually and am upgrading my entire fleet to a Switchblade® Turbo.  Also, the black smoke out of the stack was eliminated, and the truck has never run better - more boost and more power.”

The Switchblade® Turbo is manufactured at the same complex as Blaylock Turbochargers and Jim Blaylock and Dan McClave are partners.  This provides some very convenient choices for customers. You can purchase a brand new Switchblade® Turbocharger or have your existing turbo remanufactured, repaired, exchanged, or upgraded to a Switchblade®.  Damaged turbine wheels are repaired – like new. 

Switchblade® Turbos and Blaylock Turbochargers ship nationwide or worldwide. Financing is offered.  Blaylock Turbochargers has cores and parts available for any turbo sold in the USA, with quick turnaround, 1-2 days in most cases.  Expedited service is also available.  Even if your existing turbo is ok, the Switchblade® Turbo upgrade will increase your horsepower and save you fuel.   Finished inventory is on hand and replenished daily so orders ship fast.  Models are available for nearly every application.

For more details, call 620-856-5227 or visit them online at www.switchbladeturbo.com or www.blaylock-turbo.com  You can view their video on You Tube.


"The beginning process of producing a Switchblade Turbo at the plant in Baxter Springs"

Blaylock Turbo can remanufacture your turbo to better than new standards.

The Switchblade Turbo drastically reduces black smoke which extends oil life and improves fuel efficiency.

Jim Blaylock with the Switchblade Turbo at the facility in Baxter Springs, KS.

Owner, Jim Blaylock and President Dan McClave at the facility in Baxter Springs, KS