PMTA Honors Top Drivers, Names Driver Of The Year For 2022

Brandon Moree
May 2023

CAMP HILL -- The Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association honored 12 Drivers of the Month and named the 2022 Driver of the Year on March 22 at the Penn Harris Hotel in Camp Hill. The Driver of the Year Banquet is sponsored by Sentry Insurance. 

This year’s 12 drivers have combined to drive more than 24 million miles – literally to the moon and back 50 times. It would take the International Space Station, which travels at about 17,500 MPH, nearly TWO MONTHS to travel that many miles.

The 12 Drivers of the Month are as follows:

January: Michael Cable – Ward Trucking

February: Jordan Weber – Lester R. Summers, Inc

March: James Roseberry – Vorzik Transport, Inc

April: John Maiorano – Pitt Ohio

May: Bryan Horninger – Ward Trucking

June: Bernard Paul Wanyo, Jr. – UPS

July: David Wilt – Lester R. Summers, Inc

August: Christopher  Hodle – Walmart Transportation

September: John McClinton – FedEx Ground

October: Donald Weaver – Vorzik Transport, Inc.

November: Michael Zinz – Klapec Trucking Co.

December: Michael Weingartner – Pitt Ohio

The 2022 Driver of the Year is Donald Ray Weaver from Vorzik Transport, Inc. Weaver, of Duncanville, has been a professional driver since 1978 and has been with Vorzik Transportation since 2019. In his 44 years on the road, he has logged more than 3.7 million and only been involved in one incident when another vehicle side swiped his trailer in 2020. He has earned a Three Year Safe Driving Award with Vorzik, a Five Year Safe Driving Award with FedEx Ground and a 10 Year Safe Driving Award with US Foods.

“Don is a very safe driver and is willing to help anyone,” said Dale Knox, Safety Specialist. “Don is no stranger to anyone; he always has a smile on his face and always will give you a handshake. Mr. Weaver has been an inspiration to the whole Vorzik Team whether it’s the drivers or the management team. Everyone of us at Vorzik looks up to him.”

Don and his wife Dorothy have been married for 55 years and they have a son named David. Don loves spending time with his family and going to flea markets.