Photo Auction To Benefit Truckers Final Mile

Kim Grimm
November 2020

There are a lot of amazing truckers out here who shoot some awesome pictures. One of those drivers Brent Collins made a post in the photo group A-Frame and Friends Pics asking what people thought about an idea he had.  How about organizing an auction of photos with the proceeds going to the non-profit Truckers Final Mile?

I thought it sounded like a great idea and I contacted Brent to tell him so and with a lot of help from several drivers and friends contributing pictures as well as a few pieces of artwork there are even contributions from Australia and Canada.  John Testa with 10-4 Magazine has offered to help us set up the auction which we will have plastered all over social media as soon as we have all the details.

The photographer can donate 1 or 2 pictures if they chose.  The auction is going to be held November 14-21.   When it’s over the person with the winning bid can have the print in time for Christmas.  Once the winner pays Truckers Final Mile the photographer will print and send the picture to the winner.  It will be a tax deduction for the photographer and the winner.

I have to admit that I was not familiar with Truckers Final Mile and talking to Robert Palm Founder and CEO I was surprised to learn that there is no responsibility for a company to get a driver home if they pass away on the road.  The money we raise from this auction will go 100% to helping families get their loved one back home.  The mission statement is “To reunite North American truck drivers and their families in times of crisis.”

If you have a picture that you are willing to donate , please feel free to search for the group A-Frame and Friends pic’s Auction group.  It is a public group and it’s the way we are going to share the photos that will be available in the auction.  The photos you share have to be one you have taken yourself.

The auction will start at noon EST 11/14/20 to noon EST 11/21/20.  This leaves plenty of time for you to share a picture or browse the photos and choose the ones you might want to bid on yourself.  Let’s all work together to make this a huge success!!  

Go to and learn more about how this organization is helping drivers and their families at what can be the most difficult time in their lives.  If they aren’t able to help, they will refer a driver or their family to other organizations that might have programs or benefits to help in each individual situation.