PGT Trucking, Inc. – The Future of Flatbed

Steve Pollock
August 2022

ALIQUIPPA, PA…. PGT Trucking, Inc. was recently host to an Innovation Showcase involving electric and hydrogen fuel cell trucks and autonomous vehicles at their Aliquippa, Pennsylvania corporate headquarters.  With an eye to the future and conversations with customers about reducing carbon footprints, PGT Trucking has made commitments to try both technologies.

Partnering with Pittsburgh based Locomation, PGT will take delivery of 1,000 autonomous unit over time.  Initially, the Autonomous Relay Convoy, or ARC system, will convoy two trucks – the lead truck with a driver and the second truck with the driver able to log off-duty.  Locomation projects an 8% fuel savings per paired units and the ability to move two loads with a driver team.  The first ARC units should launch sometime in 2023.

The second technology PGT Trucking is investing is in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks. PGT has signed a letter of intent to lease 100 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, or FCEVS from Arizona based builder Nikola Motors. Nikola provides two technologies: electric trucks and hydrogen fuel cell.  Both are built on the same cabover platform with direct drive to the drive axle.  At 645 hp and instant torque, loaded or empty; this tractor takes right off instantly and is whisper quiet.  The electric truck, which was at the Innovation Showcase, has a range of 350 miles on a single charge.  The hydrogen fuel cell equipped truck has a 500-mile range. Both models have zero (0) emissions at the stack. PGT Trucking will receive the first FCEV production unit sometime in 2023-2024.

Pennsylvania-based Cleveland Brothers CAT is now a Nikola Motors dealer and offers complete sales, service, and parts support for Nikola trucks at all of their locations.  Cleveland Brothers provided the Nikola TRE tractor for the Innovation Showcase event.

PGT Trucking, Inc. is proud to build and maintain strategic partnerships with companies rooted in quality and driven by innovation.  They ae excited to be a driving force in the future of flatbed. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based PGT Trucking, Inc. is a premier flatbed hauler, serving the metallurgic industry.  The company operates a fleet of over 1,000 power units.