OOIDA Statement on DOL Worker Classification Final Rule

Todd Spencer, President Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association:
February 2024

 “Truckers are tired of the endless parade of classification rules that do not listen to their concerns. This constantly changing landscape has created uncertainty that makes it more difficult for them to operate their businesses. We are still reviewing all the details in the final rule, and it is too soon to know what the exact effect of this final rule would be.

“As we said when the Biden administration first issued this proposal, we have concerns that some details contained in the rule may disregard specifics of the trucking industry and could lead to the reclassification of independent contractors as employees. With that said, we support the Department’s stated intent to follow decades-long practices for classification under the Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as its rejection of the ABC Test as signed into law in California with AB5. 

“As we have stated before, any classification rule must allow for owner-operator relationships to be examined on a case-by-case basis. This approach has historically allowed owner-operators to work as independent contractors and generally protected workers from misclassification. As we continue to review the final rule and engage with the Department and Congress about this rulemaking, we will fight to protect the rights of small-business truckers, owner-operators, and all of America’s hard-working truckers.” 

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association is the largest national trade association representing the interests of small-business trucking professionals and professional truck drivers. The Association currently has more than 150,000 members nationwide in all fifty states that collectively own and operate more than 240,000 individual heavy-duty trucks. OOIDA’s mission is to promote and protect the interests of its members on any issues that might impact their economic well-being, working conditions, and the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles on our nation’s highways. OOIDA was established in 1973 and is headquartered in the greater Kansas City, Mo. area.