OOIDA Celebrates 50 Years

May 2023

In 1973, in a small town in Missouri, a passionate group of independent truckers came together to fight for their rights and interests in the face of a devastating oil embargo crisis. Among these founders was Jim Johnston, who recognized the need for change and set up an “office” in a trailer chained to a light pole at a truck stop. He later served as president until he passed away in 2018.

Since those humble beginnings, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has come a long way and achieved many significant accomplishments on behalf of small-business truckers.

Today the organization is headed by president Todd Spencer and executive vice president Lewie Pugh who continue the mission of advocating for fair regulations and laws that benefit or protect the rights of small-business truckers.

PULL OUT SECTION: In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the OOIDA is offering a special membership rate for the entire year of 2023. They are encouraging everyone to join or renew for a 2-year membership for $50, which is a savings of $40 off the regular annual price for two years. Join online at www.ooida.com or by calling 816-229-5791.

Todd Spencer says, “Fifty years ago, we started this organization with a simple goal: to fight for the rights and interests of independent truckers. Today, we can look back with pride at all that we've accomplished. But we must also look forward to the challenges that lie ahead. As long as there are truckers on the road, the OOIDA will be here to fight for them.”

OOIDA also relies upon the experience and knowledge of its Board of Directors members, 22 individual who are elected by membership, in leading the organization’s efforts. As for the future, OOIDA remains committed to being a voice on behalf of its 150,000 members in the fight against burdensome regulations that make it more difficult for small business truckers to do their jobs, like speed limiters and the continuous avalanche of environmental regulations. OOIDA also fights for policies that improve the quality of life of its members, like expanding truck parking, pursuing broker reform and increasing restroom access. One thing they always emphasize when talking about any issue is the value of drivers and their time. 

They will continue fighting for the right of those behind the wheel every step of the way. Join the OOIDA today and be a part of an organization that has made and continues to make meaningful progress in improving the lives of small business truckers.