​“Old 33”

Steve Pollock
March 2020

CAMBY, IN…. This beautifully restored Model 523C Kenworth Bullnose Cabover belongs to Jessup Trucking of Camby, Indiana. Dale Jessup purchased the Bullnose in 1965 from a Kenworth dealer in Denver, Colorado for $2,500. The truck was sitting on blocks at a Kenworth dealership and being sold for parts. After he assembled the cabover. Dale intended to use the Bullnose on his farm, but it soon was hauling freight in the Jessup fleet, which was a refrigerated produce hauler. Dale affectionately referred to the Bullnose as “Old 33”, its fleet number.

The 1955 Kenworth currently has around 4 million miles on its odometer and has seen two major restorations; the last one was done in 1986 by Dale Jessup and his head mechanic Raymond Sheets in the Jessup shop. The cab is about all that is still original. Dale and Raymond installed new frame rails, setting it up as a 212” wheelbase. The truck has a NTA 420 Cummins 450 hp engine and a Fuller 10-speed transmission. A diamond tuck interior, manufactured by Gusco from Salt Lake City, Utah, was also added. The 36” sleeper came off of a Kenworth Conventional. Polished aluminum tanks and plenty of chrome were also added.

Dale started trucking at the age of 17, hauling soup beans and sugar to the West Coast and bringing produce back. At one time Jessup Trucking operated about 50 trucks. Dale’s wife Tillie was the first female Chairman of the Indiana Motor Truck Association in 1987. As Dale and Tillie Jessup aged, they eventually phased out Jessup Trucking and Dale passed away in early 2017. The Jessup family continues to own and operate some very large cattle farms in Indiana.

The 1955 523C Bullnose Kenworth is now owned by Dale’s grandson Marc, who with his wife Andrea, started Jessup Logistics in Mooresville, Indiana. Jessup Logistics is currently operating a fleet of 11 trucks.

Movin’ Out would like to give a special thank-you to Dale’s great-nephew, Professional Truck Driver Mike Kale and Duncan Putnam for sharing information about this classic Kenworth with us.

Photo Credit: Duncan Putnam


The 1955 523C Kenworth.

Marc Jessup and his son Cole.

Dale Jessup.

Left to right: Mike Kale and Marc Jessup.