New Energy America: Statement On EPA Announcement Allowing Sale Of E15 Year-Round

August 2019

New Energy America issued the following statement following the announcement that the Trump Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under Administrator Andrew Wheeler approved year-round E15:

“The science supports making E15 available year-round to every American on the road. This long-overdue move will absolutely contribute to reducing carbon emissions in the transportation sector, save Americans money, and support clean energy jobs in rural America. We support any commonsense policy that lessens our dependence on fossil fuels and moves this vital climate-friendly American technology forward,” said Executive Director Mike Carr. “Unfortunately, we’re coming up on this Administration’s third summer in office and frankly, the president’s failure to make good on his campaign promise three years ago has further undermined farmers who turned out to vote for him in 2016, and who have experienced incredible hardship ever since. The larger issue -- which we cannot allow this move on E15 to distract us from -- is the EPA’s continued issuance of refinery waivers to friends in the oil and private equity industries. With farming incomes at 10-year lows, you just can’t keep promising gold and delivering stones. In order for the allowance of E15 throughout the summer months to be more than empty rhetoric, Administrator Wheeler must also replace the 2.6 billion gallons of ethanol demand destroyed through handouts to billionaires in the oil industry. We strongly urge Administrator Wheeler to do right by farmers and our future and put renewable fuels back on the path to growth and to becoming the key American climate solution we need it to be.”